Best Laptops For Artists To Buy in 2020 [Best Laptop Buyer's Guide]

Most Recommended Laptops For Drawing.

Best Laptops For Artists To Buy in 2020

If You Are Searching For Best Laptops For Artists Or If You Are Expert In Drawing And Searching Laptop For Your Requirement Then You Are At The Best Place. Here In This Article, We Provide You The Best List Of Best Laptops For Artists. Now Here Is One Question? Which Laptop Is Best For Artists And Which Graphics Requirements Are Mostly Required By Artist?

In Couple Of Years Back All The Artists Draw Their Drawings On The Papers. And That Was A Hard Work And You Can’t Re-Colors These Drawings If You Went To Change To Your Own Requirements. Now In The Modern Days Of Technology It's Very Easy To Draw Any Drawing With software And Best Laptops/PC With Pen.

Now There Is One Thing That Graphic Designers Draw Their Graphics On The Tablet By Attaching It With Their Laptop/Pc. It’s A Little Difficult To Draw The Drawing Or Designing On Directly On The Screen Of Laptop.

Well You Can Buy Best Laptops For Your Artist That Fulfill Your Requirement And You Can Draw Your Drawing Easily. These Laptops Have Some Features. Your Laptop Have Screen That Has Full HD And Gives The Color Correction So You Can Easily Imagen Your Sketch And Draw It With Accurate Colors. And Also Your Laptop Have Such Enough Graphic Requirement For The Software Which Is Used For The Graphics Designing Or Artists. So Lets Start And Share With You Best Laptop For Artists.

List of Best Laptops For Artists

Apple MacBook Pro
256GB or 512GB SSD
32 DDR4
Nvidia 4GB
Microsoft Surface Book 2
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Lenovo Flex 4
intel HD Graphics520
Lenovo Yoga:
128 GB SSD
Intel HD Graphics 515
Microsoft Surface Book:
8GB of DDR3
Nvidia GeForce

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch)Best Laptop For Artists

This laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor which give the speed of 2.2GHz and this processor have also 6-Cores which is extremely fast processor. With this processor also have 32 GB of DDR4 RAM which give the user to  running multiple apps and software on the laptops.

When we take a look at the display of this laptop. This laptop has a stunning Retina Display With True Colors. This Screen Is Best For Artists Because of This Screen Display Full Resolution And Ultra HD With Eye Opening Graphics Performance Which Gives To  The User True Colors Features. With Radeon Pro 555X Or 560X This Laptop Provides More HD Performance And Colors Quality.

There Are Some Extra Features Are For This Laptop. This Laptop Comes With 256/512 GB Of SSD Drive Which Is Fastest Drive And Gives You The Best Way To Transfer Data And Load Your Work Very Fast. This Laptop Have Touch Bar And Also Have A Touch ID Which Gives You Time Safe And Fast Works.

·         Brilliant Retina Display With True Tone Technology
·         Touch Bar And Touch ID
·         Radeon Pro 555X Or 560X Graphics With 4GB Of Video Memory
·         Ultrafast SSD
·         Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) Ports
·         Up To 10 Hours Of Battery Life
·         Faster Processing And Graphics Options
·        Sturdy
·         Sleek Aluminum Build
·        Beautiful Display
·        Excellent   Battery Life
·        Having Only USB-C Ports Can Be A Hassle
·        Very Expensive
·        Competitors Offer A 4K Screen For Less

Microsoft Surface Book 2:Best Laptop For Artists

Microsoft Surface Book Pro Is Best Laptop For The Artists (Recommended By Professionals) This Laptop Comes With 8 The Generation Processor Which Is Core I7 Quad Core Processor Which Give The Speed Of 4.2 GHz. This Is Really Powerful Processor. With This Processor, Laptop Have Also 8GB Of DDR3 RAM Which Give More Speed To The Laptop And Give More Performance Quality And Multi-Tasking To This Device.

 Now We Talk About The Graphics Performance Of This Laptop.  This Laptop Have 3.5" LCD Screen Which Allow Use To Multitouch And With The Resolution Of 3000x2000. This Screen  Is Eye Catch Design And Best Colors Accusation Technology. With This LCD Also Have A Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 This Graphic Card Have Memory Of 2GB DDR5 So You Can Easily Work With High Performance And Load High Graphic Tasks For Your Artists Work.

·         8th Gen Intel Core i7-8650U  
·         Memory: 8GB RAM  
·         Storage: 256GB Solid State Drive.
·         Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050  
·         Display: 13.5-inch PixelSense Display,  
·         Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

·        Better CPU And Graphics
·        Versatile, And Light When Used As A Tablet
·        Excellent And Responsive Touch Screen
·        Powerful Machine With Nvidia Graphics
·        Xbox Wireless Support
·        Expensive If You Need More Storage
·        16GB RAM Maximum
·        GTX 1060 Held Back By Custom Driver
·        Underpowered Dock Makes Multi-Monitor Support Problematic

Lenovo Flex 4:Best for Artists

This Laptop Is Two In One (2 In 1). You Can Use This Laptop As A Tablet And As A Laptop Because Of This Laptop’s Flexibility. This Laptop Have Rotate Able Screen So You Can Rotate This Screen Around 360 Degree. Easily Switch Between The Touchscreen And Keyboard/Touchpad For Optimum Efficiency. This Laptop Comes With Core I5 Processor. This Processor Is 6th Generation. 

This Processor Family With Built-In Security Is Ready To Take Your Productivity, Creativity, And 3d Gaming To The Next Level. This Processor This Laptop Have 8 Gb Of Ram. This Ram Is Batter Speed With Processor Of 6th Generation.

Now Take Look At The Screen Of This Laptop. This Laptop Have A 14 Inch Full Hd Screen With 1920x1080 Pixels Of Resolution. This Is The Best Screen And Full Hd. If We Discuss The Graphics Performance. It Has Intel Hd Graphics520. This Graphic Chip Provides Batter Quality Of Images And Videos.

The Flex 4 Offers Expanded Storage, Which Means You Can Enjoy The Extra Space And Say Goodbye To External Hard Drives. This Laptop Have 8gbof Ram And With 1 Gb Of Hard Drive. Which Is More Batter Storage.

·         Core i5  6th Generation Intel Core
·         8 GB RAM
·         1 TB HDD
·         14.0 inches Full HD Touchscreen Display
·         Windows 10 Home
·        Low Price
·         Strong Battery Life
·         Survives Minor Drops
·         Includes A USB-C Port
·        Keyboard Isn't Backlit
·        Easy To Hit Power Button By Mistake
·         Our Test Unit Balked At Bath Time

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Lenovo Yoga: Best Laptop For Artists

Lenovo Yoga Is Best Laptop For Artists. This Laptop Have Intel 1.5 GHz Processor Which Gives The Batter Performance To The User. If We Go Ahead And Talk About The RAM. It’s Comes With 4 GB If DDR3 RAM. So You Can Easily Run Multiple Programs And Software On This Laptop With Best Processor And RAM.

This Laptop Have 11.6" Full HD 10-Point Multitouch Screen For Hands-On Control. The Resolution Of This LCD Display Is  1920 X 1080 Which  Boasts Impressive Color And Clarity. Touch, Tap, Glide And Make The Most Of Windows 10. This Screen Used The IPS Technology And Its Also Have  LED Backlight.

This Laptop Have 360° Flip-And-Fold Design Which Offers Four Versatile Modes You Can Use This Laptop As Tablet, Tent And Stand. Lenovo Transition Automatically Switches Specific Applications To Full Screen When Changing From PC To Tablet, Tent Or Stand Position.

·         Intel 1.5 GHz Processor
·         11.6-inch Full HD
·         4 GB DDR3 SDRAM
·         128 GB SSD
·         Intel HD Graphics 515
·        Great build quality
·         Beautiful screen
·         JBL sound
·         Versatile four modes of use
·         Windows 10
·        Nvidia graphics
·        A bit heavy
·         McAfee software
·         Down firing speakers
·        Small right SHIFT key

Microsoft Surface Book: Best for Artists

This Laptop Have A 13.5 Inch Surface Book Multi-Touch 2-In-1 Notebook. So You Can Sue This Device According To Your Own Requirement You Can Use This Laptop As A Tablet Or Laptop. This Is Best Fast Touch Supported Device. With A 13.5 Inch Pixelsense Display You Can Play Anything At The High Resolution Of 3000 X 2000 Screen Resolution (267 Ppi) And With The  3:2 Aspect Ratio.

If We Talk About The Processor Of This Laptop. 6th Generation Skylake Intel Core I7-6600U Processor. With This Processor This Laptop Have Also A 8 GB Of RAM. So You Can Easily Do Multi-Tasking And Load Multiple Program And Software And The Same Time.

And Also This Laptop Have 256 GB Of SSD You Can Easily Load Fast Software And OS With This SSD And You Can Store Your Data And Fast Transfer DATA With This Hard Drive.

·         2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
·         13.5 inches Full HD
·         8 GB DDR3 SDRAM
·         256 GB SSD
·         Nvidia GeForce
·        Better CPU and Graphics
·        Versatile, And Light When Used As A Tablet
·        Excellent And Responsive Touch Screen
·        Powerful Machine With Nvidia Graphics
·        Xbox Wireless Support
·        Expensive If You Need More Storage
·        16GB RAM Maximum
·        GTX 1060 Held Back By Custom Driver
·        Underpowered Dock Makes Multi-Monitor Support Problematic