BEST LAPTOPS FOR WATCHING MOVIES [2020 laptop Buyer's Guide]



Here After Complete Research, We Will Show You  Best Laptops For Watching Movies. If You Are  Confused Which Laptop Is Best For Watching Movies Then Don’t Worry. We Will Show You Top Rated Best Performance Laptops For Watching Movies.  Watching Movies Or Live Streaming Is The Best Way For Entertain. Mostly Peoples Spend Their Time On Listen  Music And Watching Movies For Live Relax.

Before We Go Ahead And Tell Them Which Laptop Is Best For Watching Movies Or Live Streaming. There Are Few Things That We Should Keep In Mind In Selecting Best Laptop For Watching Movies Or Live Streaming.

  ü Screen Size And Resolution:

Screen Size Is Really Best And Main Point For Your Laptop. You Are Buy Laptop For Watching Movies And Live Streaming. Then Your Laptop Should Have Enough Screen Size And Best Resolution So You Can Enjoy Your Movies On Full Screen With HD Quality Display. As We Tell You That Your Laptop Should Have 13 + Inches And Display Screen Should HD With The Resolution of 1368X768.

  ü  Speakers And Sound:

Your Laptop Should Have Basic Speakers With The Best Audio Quality So You Can Enjoy The Audio If You Have No External Speakers Or Headphones. If You Connect Headphones, Earphones Or External Speakers Then It Doesn’t Depend on Your Laptop Speakers. But If You Have Not Such External Things At A Time Then Your Laptops Speakers Should Have Enough Audio Quality To Lessen The Music.

  ü  Battery Life:

Battery Life Of Laptop Is The Major Thing When You Are Buying Laptop. You Are Going To Buy Laptop For Movies And Live Streaming Then Your Laptop Should Have Best Battery Life So You Can Enjoy  Movies And Music. If Will Be Bad Experience When You Are Watching Movies And At The Middle Of The Movie Your Laptop Will Shutdown. Minimum Your Laptop Should Have 5+ Hours Battery Life You Can Watch Full Movies Without Tension Of Battery Life.

  ü Processor And Overall Performance:

Processing Speed Is The Main Point Of Your Laptop. If You Buy Laptop With Low-Speed Processor Then If Will Be Bad Experience. You Should Buy Laptop With Batter Speed Processor When Your Are Doing Multi-Tasking ( Like Running Multiple Things On Your Laptop Example: Watching Movies And Downloading ) Your Processor Gives Your Excellent Performance.


List Of Best Laptops For Watching Movies


ASUS Vivo Book Pro 17
16 GB DDR4
GeForce GTX 1050
Dell Touchscreen 2-in-1
256 GB
16 GB DDR4
Intel UHD Graphics 620
HP Pavilion X360:
4GB DDR4+16GB Optane
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Lenovo Flex 4 (2-in-1):
Intel HD Graphics 620
Acer Chromebook R 13
 32 GB
imagination PowerVR GX6250

ASUS Vivo Book Pro 17:Best for watching movies

 ASUS VivoBook Pro 17

This Laptop Is Perfect For Watching Movies Because This Laptop Have Full HD Screen Of 17.3 Inches So You Can Enjoy The Movies On  This Big Screen. This Screen Is Full HD With 1920 X 1080 Pixels  .  With This Full-Screen LCD, This Laptop Have GeForce GTX 1050 Graphic Card. This Graphic Card Is Powerful And Give More Full HD Colors And Graphics Speed To The Laptop. When You Are Watching Movies With Full HD Resolution This Graphics Card Help You To Gives More Graphic Quality.

This Laptop Comes With The Intel Core  I7 Processor Which Is Perfect  For Running Multiple Things At The Same Time. With This Processor, This Laptop Comes  With 16 GB Of DDR4 RAM So You Can Easily Do Multitasking And Enjoy The Speed Of Processor For Watching Movies And Do Online Streaming.

Now If We Take Look At The Storage Of This Laptop. Its Comes With 256GB SSD So You Can Store Your Basic Data Into This Drive And This SSD Drive Gives You The More Speed In Transfer Data And This Laptop Also Comes  With 1TB Of HDD. You Can Store Your Data In To This HDD. This Laptop Comes With Windows 10.

The Overall Performance Of This Laptop Is Excellent And You Can Use This Laptop For Your Working With Office And Use This Device For Your Own Tasks. The Battery Life Of This Laptop Is Batter (1 Lithium Ion Batteries )

·         17.3” FHD
·          Intel Core i7-8565U
·         GeForce GTX 1050
·          16GB DDR4
·          256GB SSD+1TB
·         Windows 10

Dell Touchscreen 2-in-1: Best one for watching movies

 Dell Touchscreen 2-in-1

This Laptop Is Pretty Excellent Performance Laptop For Movies. The Screen Size Of This Laptop Is 13.3 Inch Full HD. This Screen Size Is Not So Big But If You Went To Carry Any Ware Or You Went To Use Laptop Any Place At Your Home Or Outside Of Home Then This Is Perfect Laptop Size.

Screen Size Is 13.3 Inches Which Gives 13.3 In Full HD Display. (IPS True-Life LED-Backlit) And Also Comes With Touchscreen With Full Resolution Of  1920 X 1080. This Screen Gives Full HD Colors And You Will Really Enjoy The Movie When You Will Watch On This Device.

If We Take A Look At The Processor This Laptop Comes With Intel Core I7 Processor Which Is Quad-Core And You Will Get Batter Speed Of Perform Tasks And With This Processor, Its Comes With The 8 GB Of DDR 4 RAM And You Will Really Enjoy The Excellent And Batter Speed And Performance Of This Laptop.

The Storage Of This Laptop Is 256 GB If SSD. You Can Store Your Normal Data Into This Storage Drive. Performance Of This Laptop Is Excellent And Batter. This Laptop Comes With  3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery. So You Will Enjoy This Device With Batter Performance.

·         13.3 inch Full HD Laptop
·          Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-Core
·         8GB DDR4
·         Intel UHD Graphics 620
·         256GB
·         Windows 10

HP Pavilion X360:for watching movies

 HP Pavilion X360 15.6

This HP Laptop Is Excellent For Play Movies Or Live Streaming. This Laptop Comes With 15.6 Inches Full HD Display. So You Can Play Movies And Do Streaming On This Laptop Easily. The Screen Size Is  15.6-Inch Which Comes With Diagonal FHD IPS Bright View micro-edge WLED-Backlit And Touch Screen  Touchscreen With The Resolution Of 1920 X 1080. So You Can Get Full HD Result With Full Display.

If We Talk About The Processor This Laptop Have 8th Generation Intel Dual-Core I3-8130U Base Clock 2.2ghz, Turbo Up  To 3.4ghz Dual Speed  And You Can Do Easily Multi-Tasking And Run Different Software At This Laptop At The Same Time.

This HP laptop has 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM and 16GB Intel Octane memory, total 20GB memory. So you can do your work easily and do multitasking with this high-speed Memory and get batter speed of performing the work on this device. And this laptop also has 1 TB of HDD so you can store your data into this drive.

·         15.6" Full HD Convertible Touchscreen
·         2-in-1 Laptop
·         Core i3-8130U Up to 3.4GHz
·         20GB (4GB DDR4+16GB Optane) Memory
·         1TB HDD
·         HP Digital Pen
·         Windows 10

Lenovo Flex 4 (2-in-1): best laptop for watching movies

 Lenovo Flex 4 2-in-1

The Lenovo FLEX 4, Built With Next-Generation 6th Generation Intel Core I Chipsets This Laptop Comes With Intel Core I 5 Processor Which Gives Batter Speed To The Laptop  And Windows 10, Delivers The Performance You Need To Succeed. With this high-performance processor, it comes with        8GB RAM. So you can run different software and other things do at the same time with this RAM and high-speed processor.

The Lenovo FLEX 4 Can Be Used 4 Different Ways - Laptop, Stand, Tent, And Tablet. You Can Do Yourself Which Way Do You Went To Use This Laptop. Switch Effortlessly Between Them As You Tackle Your To-Do List And Make The Most Of Your Downtime

Screen Size Of This Laptop Is 14 Inches Which Gives Full HD  Pictures, Presentations, Movies And More In A Stunning HD 1920x1080 Resolution. This HD Display It Comes With Intel HD Graphics 620 Which Gives Full HD High Definition Colors Quality To The Screen.

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Stereo speakers featuring Audio by Harman technology delivers a crisp, clear sound for an enhanced listening experience. And the performance of this laptop is pretty good and you will get batter speed of this laptop.

·         14" Full HD Touchscreen Display
·         Intel Core i5-7200U,
·         8GB RAM
·         256GB SSD
·          Intel HD Graphics 620
·         Windows 10)

Acer Chromebook R 13:For watching movies

 Acer Chromebook R 13

This Laptop Comes With 13.3 Inches Full HD Display Which Have  Touch Screen And You Will Get 360 Rotate. You Can Rotate The Screen According To Your Requirement. This Screen Gives 1920 X 1080 Pixels  Of Resolution So You Can  Enjoy Movies With Full HD Display.

This Laptop Comes With Chrome OS An Operating System By Google That Is Built For The Way We Live Today. It Comes With Built-In Virus Protection, Updates Automatically*, Boots Up In Seconds And Continues To Stay Fast Over Time. (*Internet Connection Is Required).

Chromebooks Come With Built-In Storage For Offline Access To Your Most Important Files And An Additional 100GB Of Google Drive Space To Ensure That All Of Your Files Are Backed Up Automatically.

·         13.3-inch Full HD Touch
·          MediaTek MT8173C
·          4GB LPDDR3
·          32GB
·         Chrome OS