Top 10 Best Thinnest and Smartest Laptops Under $500 in 2021 [Best Laptop Buyer’s Guide]


Top 10 Best Thin Laptops Under $500 in 2020 [Best Laptop Buyer’s Guide]

Hi Friends! If You Are Looking For Best Thin Laptops Less Than $500 Thin You Are At The Right Place. Our Team Will Show The Best Thin Laptop Under $500 With The Best And Good Quality.

The Smart, Thin Laptops Under $500 Won't Leave You Unsettled. Because You Didn't Pay A Premium Price. The Value-Priced Notebooks That Include Full-HD Displays, Solid Performance, And Long Battery Life, Plus All The Ports You Need. Dear Friend Can Even Get A Laptop With A Touch Screen In This Price Range, Though It Will Be On The Smaller Sid Today Technology Is Very Fast.

It’s Very Difficult For You To Choose The Best Laptop. So For Your Help And Kind Information, Our Team Enlisted The Best Thin Laptop Under $500 For You. But You Are Keep In Mind That You’re Still Going To Have To Make Some Compromises When You’re Looking For A Laptop At This Price And If You’re Okay With That And You Want An Even Cheaper Laptop, Take A Look At Our Selection Of The Best Laptops Under $500. If You're Looking For Best, Thin Laptop Then Check My Laptop List.

What Are The Top 10 Best Thinnest And Smartest  Laptops Under $500?







Acer Chrome book Spin 311

Intel Celeron N4020


32 GB eMMC


Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Core i3-1005G1


256 GB SSD


jumper x1

9th Gen Processor


128 GB SSD


CHUWI LapBook Pro  

Intel Gemini-Lake N4100


256 GB SSD


Lenovo Flex 5

AMD Ryzen 5




Lenovo Chrome book Duet

Media Tek  Helio P60T





Intel CPU Quad Core




Acer Aspire 5

Ryzen 5 4500U




HAOQIN HaoBook140

Intel Celeron N3350


128 GB SSD


BMAX 2 in 1 Convertible

Intel Quad-Core Celeron


256 GB SSD

1.Acer Chromebook Spin 311 BestThinest And Smartest Laptop Under $500

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop Is Very Smart And Thin Laptop Its Looking Is Very Slime While Its System Power Is Also Too Much Its Powerful Laptop Its Processor Brand Is Intel Count 2 Intel CeleronN4020 It Very Faster Processor Its Processing Speed Is Double Is Latest Model Laptops Performance Of The Celeron N4020 Should Be Slightly Better Than The Old Celeron N4000 Thanks To The 200 Mhz Higher Boost Clock (At Least For Single Core Load) Its Processor Is Compared To The More Expensive Core Y Processors, Especially The Single Thread Performance Is Much Lower In The Gemini Lake Based Socs Its Processor Performance Is Superb We Know That If Our Processor Is Fast We Can Perform Our Work Quickly With In Few Moments This Processor Model Is Amazing.

This Laptop Memory Type Is LPDDR4, RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 4 GB In This RAM Use The 4th Generation It Is The RAM LPDDR4 Is The 4th Generation Of Low Power DDR DRAM Technology. The LPDDR4X Is An Enhancement Bringing Even Lower Voltage. It's Allowing More Power Efficient Memory And Ultimately, Longer Battery Life For Our Laptops And Its Makes Our System Much Useful And Beneficial.

This Thin And Smart Laptops Standing Screen Display Size Is 11.6 Inches And Max Screen Resolution Size Is 1366 X 768 Pixels Its Full HD IPS Result. Its Device Flesh Memory Size Is 32GB Emmc. Its Device The Chromebook Runs On Chrome Operating System And The Operating System By Google, That Is Built For The Way We Live Today. What Comes With Built-In Virus Protection And That Is Updates Automatically Boots Up In Seconds And Continues To Stay Fast Over Time.

This Laptop Chromebooks Come With Built-In Storage For Offline Access To Our Documents Most Important Files And An Additional 100GB Of Google Drive Space To Ensure, Its Laptop Is Under$500 With The All Latest And Best Factures Its Battery Life Is 10 Hours. 


·        Convertible Laptop

·        Intel Celeron N4020

·        11.6" HD Touch

·        4GB LPDDR4

·        32GB eMMC

·        Gigabit Wi-Fi 5

·        Bluetooth 5.0

·        Google Chrome OS




·        An affordable price

·        Comes with a stylus and carry case

·        Solid performance

·        The IPS screen isn't as bright as we'd like

·        Dim display

·        Below-average battery life

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2. Lenovo Idea Pad 3 BestSmartest Thinnest laptop

This  Lenovo Idea Pad 3 15.6 Is Very Slim, Smart And Thin Laptop Under$500 With The All Latest Equipment It’s All Equipment Is Power Full Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel Count 2 Which is Intel Core I3-1005G1.

This Processor Is A Power Efficient Dual-Core S  For Laptops And Ultrabook’s Based On The Ice -Lake-U Generation That Was Announced In Mai 2019 The Processor I3-1005G1 Integrates The Smallest GPU And The UHD Graphics That Features 32 Of The 64  And Clocks At 300 - 900 MHz The Laptop Speed Is Depending On Processor Speed Because The Processor Processes The Data And The Data Change Into Information So It’s Very Important And Unique.

This Memory Type Is DDR4 SDRAM, RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 8GB. The RAM Double Generation Of Double Data Rate That Supports Speeds Between 2133 And 4266 MT/S As Speed Increases, The Efficiency Of DDR4 Increases We Know That The RAM Transfer All Data And RAM Access To Random Memory Mean Temporary Memory So It Is Very Fast RAM.

This Smart And Slime Laptop Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 Inches And Screen Resolution Size Is 1024×768 Its Max Screen Resolution Size Is 1366x768 Pixels, Flesh Memory Size Is 256 GB SSD. Its Device Has Ability Long-Lasting Performance, The Lenovo Idea Pad 3 Delivers Powerful Performance In A Laptop That's Perfect For Your Everyday Tasks, With Features What We Can Depend On. Operating System Windows 10.

This Item Integrated Intel UHD Graphics Optical Drive None Its Normal Battery Life Is Up To 7.5 Hours And Its Audio 2 X 1.5W Speakers With Dolby Audio Wireless Type 2 X 2 802.11AC Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Combo Webcam 0.3MP Camera With Privacy Shutter And Dual Array Microphones Product Weight Is 4.07 Lbs. Color Is Abyss Blue. 


·        15.6" Laptop Intel Core i3

·        8GB RAM

·        In the UHD Graphic

·        256GB SSD

·        Windows 10 in S Mode




·        matte IPS screen

·        NVMe-SSD

·        runs quietly

·        dark screen

·        mediocre battery life

·        no key illumination


3. Jumper X1 Smartest ThinnestLaptop Under$500 

This 2 In 1 Laptop Jumper X1 Is Very Stylish, Modern, Slime And Thin Laptop. It’s All Parts Is Very Smart And Very Slime In Size It’s Too Much Thin Its Weight Is 2.3 Pounds While That Is Very Smart In Working Performance Use The Latest Technology In Each Parts Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel Count 1 Its Very Faster And Impressive Processor We Know That If Processor Is Faster Thin The Laptop Processing Speed Is Double Its Very Important Part.

This Item Memory Type Is DDR4 SDRAM RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 6 GB.  This Type Of The RAM Is Just As Fast As It Is Stunning, Making It Well-Deserving Of The Best High Frequency RAM Accolade And The More Is That It’s Fitted With Predefined Intel Extreme Memory Profiles For Maximum Performance As Well As Pyrex’s Patent-Pending Infrared Sync Technology. In This RAM Used The Total Latest Technology For An Even More Immersive Gaming Experience And Other Tasks We Can Daisy Chain This RAM To Sync With Multiple Other RGB Devices, This RAM Is Really Very Best And Power Full Its Data Transferring Speed Is Double. When The Data Transferring Speed Is Double Its Saving Our Time And We Perform Our Task Quickly.

This Laptop Standing Screen Display Size Is 11.6 Inches And Max Screen Resolution Size Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels Its Flesh Memory Size Is 128GB ROM, Provides Room To Smoothly Run Your Games Store Pictures, Videos, Music And More It’s Enough For Normal Using.

 This Item Is Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy Body That Can Stand Up To Anything, A Super Thin Diameter At 8mm, Weighs Next To 2.3 Lbs.

Its Special Design 360 Degree Rotation To Meet Different Using Mode Unique Design, Easy To Use, And Make Our Laptop More Outstanding Its Battery Life Time Is 8 Hours.



·        2 in 1 Laptop jumper x1

·         Windows 10 Laptop

·         FHD Touchscreen Display

·        Computer 11.6 inch

·         6GB RAM

·         128GB ROM




·        Great form factor

·        Good performance

·        Charges via USB Type-C port

·        More expensive than competition

·        Poor battery life

·        No full size connectors, you will need an adaptor


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4. CHUWI Lap Book Pro Thin laptopUnder $500

This CHUWI Lap Book Pro Laptop Is Very Power Full And Stylish, Thin And Faster Laptop Its Device Processor Brand Name Is Intel Count 4, The Processor Is Powered By Intel Gemini-Lake N4100 Quad Core 64-Bit Processor (Up To 2.4ghz) Is Faster Processor Its Advance And Latest Generation Its Total Faster And Its Processing Speed Is Huge And Fantastic.

This Item Memory Type Is DDR4 SDRAM, RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 8GB. Some Time We Are Looking For The Best Gaming Components, When We Want More RAM Than We Will Know What To Do We Can Do Everything With The Help Of Faster RAM. This RAM Is Double Capacity, This RAM Definitely Not The Fastest Memory In The World, Right Now It’s Only Available In Up To 3,200 MHz But In This Budge It's Very Good Equipment It's Very Faster And Can Be Transfer Data Quickly. With The Help Of This RAM, We Can be Done Our Work Very Fast And We Can Be Save Our Time.

This Laptop Standing Screen Display Size Is 14.1 Inches And Max Screen Resolution Is 1920*1080 Pixels Its Full HD With IPS Result. Its The resolution, Better Experience For Watching Video And Daily Use Mostly It Is 90% Screen-To Body Ratio Gives You A Wider Field Of View, Even Under Strong Outdoor Lighting. This Addition, Night Mode And Color Adjustment Will Help Reduce Eye Strain. Its Flesh Memory Size Is 256 SSD.

This Very Smart And Thin Laptop Have Prevent Typing Fatigue, Lap Book Pro Is Equipped With A Backlit Keyboard In The Perfect Key Distance. LED Inserted In The Keyboard Provides Precise Lightness To Avoid Light Leaking, Reflecting, Or Even Sight Interference. Furthermore. Ergonomic Button Design Offers We Can Comfortable Typing Experience It's Very Attractive Its Battery Life Casting Is 8 Hours.


·        14.1 inch Windows 10 Laptop

·         1080P Laptop Computer

·         Intel Gemini-Lake N4100

·         8GB RAM

·         256GB SSD

·         Support Linux

·        4K, BT 4.0

·        Dual WiFi





·        IPS panel

·        good colour-space coverage

·        spare M.2-2280 drive bay

·        low contrast ratio

·        only 4 GB of RAM

·        eMMC

5. Lenovo Flex 5 Thinnest and Smartest Laptop Under$500

This Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-In-1 Laptop Is Faster, Great Working And Effective Performance. Its Processor Brand Name Is AMD Count 1. AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor This AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Is A Processor For Thin And Light Laptops Based On The Renoir Architecture With 2   Cores, This Ryzen 5 4500U Is Clearly Slower Than The Ryzen 7 4700U And 4800U In Multi-Threaded Workloads. This Processor Should Still Beat The Fastest 15 Watt Ice Lake Intel Core I7-1065G7 This the processor has 4 Cores and you will get the speed up top  3.9 GHz. It’s Very Useful And Beneficial Processor For Laptop.

This Device Memory Type Is DDR4 SDRAM, RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 16 GB. This Is the Best RAM For Laptop Systems. Its Manufacturer Has Designed Its Sport SDRAM For Efficient Battery Life While Still Delivering Fast Speeds For Multi-Tasking. This Is Ideal For All Who Wanting To Speed Up The Best Laptops And This Memory Likely Offers Higher Memory Speed Than Anything Coming Stock In Our Laptop. This RAM Performance Is Good.   

It Device Standing Screen Display Size Is 14 Inches And Max Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels Touchscreen Allows The Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-In-1 Laptop To Be Comfortable, Fun, And Easy To Use. That’s Also Great To Look At, With 4-Side Narrow Bezels

This 360⁰ Hinge Lets You Use Our 2-In-1 Touchscreen Laptop In Whatever Mode Works Best For Us. Its Use It In Laptop Mode For Everyday Computing Mode For Sharing Things And Stand Mode For Binge-Watching, Or Tablet Mode For More Intuitive Interaction It’s All Equipment’s Are Mind-Blowing.

This Laptop Flesh Memory Size Is 256GB SSD And Enjoy Up To 10 Hours Of Battery Life, Plus Quick Charge To 80% In Just 1 Hour

Its Have Radeon Graphics, We Have The Performance To Do More, From Anywhere. It’s More Cores, We Experience Responsiveness That Leaps Into Action For Productivity, Gaming, And Content Creation.


·        14" 2-in-1 Laptop

·        14.0" FHD   Touch Display

·         AMD Ryzen 5 4500U

·        16GB DDR4

·        256GB SSD

·         AMD Radeon Graphics

·         Digital Pen Included

·        Win 10




·        Dual internal storage bays

·        Great-looking display

·        Decent battery life

·        Constant fan noise

·        Very small cooling solution

·        Weak speakers with little bass


6. Lenovo Chromebook Duet Smartest Thinnest laptop Under $500

This Lenovo Chromebook Duet, 2-In-1, 10.1 Is Very Stylish Thin And Mostly Powerful Laptop Its Processor Brand Name Is Mediate Count 1, Mediate Helio P60T It's a Very Powerful Processor. It Is The Processor Clock Speed Of 3.5 GHz To 4.0 GHz Is Generally Considered A Good Clock Speed For Gaming, Programming But It's More Important To Have Good Single-Thread Performance. Its Means That Our System Does A Good Job Of Understanding And Completing Single Tasks Its Brilliant Performance It's Very Powerful Processor It's Processing Speed Is Very Fast.    

This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4 SDRAM RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 4 GB The 4 GB RAM Of RAM Is The Sweet Spot For The Majority Of Users, Providing That Memory For Virtually All Productivity Tasks And Less Demanding Games. If We Are Running Demanding Applications Like Video Editing And CAD, Or We Are A Hardcore Gamer And Other Software.

This Device Standing Screen Display Size Is 10.1 Inches And Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1200 Pixels IPS Display And Stunning Colorful Details We Won't Sacrifice For Great Visuals This 10-Point Multi-Touch Touchscreen Is Also USI Pen Compatible (Pen Sold Separately).

Its Device Flesh Memory Size Is 64GB eMCP. Its Laptop Includes A Fast And Stable Plug-And-Play Detachable Keyboard Enabled With 5-Point Pogo Pin And Magnet Design Is Take It With Us Everywhere.  This Laptop Is Very Thin And Lightweight The Chromebook Duet Offers Up To 10 Hours Of Battery Life It's Great Timing.

This Laptop Is Thin And Smart Design With Aluminum Alloy On The Tablet Is A Standout Design With Sophisticated Fabric Texture On The Stand Cover We'll Be Stylish Productive And Practical. It’s Very Fast Secure And Easy To Use. Touchscreen Chromebook Boots Up Quickly With Just Our Google Login To Give We Access To All Of Our Cloud-Based Documents Email And More.


·        2-in-1, 10.1" WUXGA  Display

·         Media Tek Helio P60T

·         4GB LPDDR4X RAM

·         64GB eMCP SSD

·        Integrated ARM G72 MP3 Graphics

·         Chrome OS




·        Surprisingly solid performance

·        Low price

·        Detachable keyboard included

·        Multitasking isn’t the best

·        Only one USB-C port

·        No headphone jack

7. YELLYOUTH 15.6-Inch Notebook Thinnest And Smartest Laptop Under $500

This Laptop YELLYOUTH  15.6-Inch Notebook Is Very Smart And Thin Laptop Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel Count 4, Quad-Core Processor, And Counterparts But Still Deliver Adequate Performance For Gaming. Quad-Core Processors Are Available With Four Threads And Eight Threads The Quad-Core Processors Cost More But Also Deliver Better Performance In Applications That Use Multithreading It's a Very Powerful Processer.

This Device Memory Type Is DDR3 SDRAM,   Is 8 GB Normally The,4GB Is Fine If You're Not Using Programs That Really Need More Ram But Again Especially More Popular Software Like Chrome Its Heavy Program Need To More Ram Is Always Better That’s Allows Us To Do More With Less Swapping Like Ways If There Is Not Enough Memory Available, The Machine Will Start Swapping Pages In And Out Of Memory Via Had. And This Slows The Laptop Substantially.

This Laptop Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 Inches And Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels Its Flesh Memory Size Is 128 GB SSD Storage Capacity Provides Room To Store Pictures, Videos, Music And More. We Could Enjoy The Pleasure Of Program Starting, Web Browsing And Switch On Business Office And Daily Entertainment.

This Item Is Equipped With Wife And Bluetooth Module, This Notebook Also Has A Rj45 LAN Interface, Suitable For Windows 10 64bit HD Video Is Of Course Better Sound Quality, We Can Study And Work Better. Its Battery Life Is 6 Hours.


·        15.6 inch Notebook

·        8GB RAM

·         128GB SSD

·        YELLYOUTH Full HD

·        Intel CPU Quad Core

·         Windows 10


8. Acer Aspire 5 Thin Smartest Thinnest laptop Under $500

This Acer Aspire 5 A515-44-R41B Laptop Is Very Fast And It Is Also Secure And Very Easy For Use Its Very Smart And Thin Laptop.  It Processor Brand Name Is AMD Count 6, AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Hexa-Core Mobile Processor.

The AMD's Ryzen Mobile 4000 U-Series Processors Are Very Faster And Very Powerful Laptop Its Working Capacity Is Double And The Low Power. For Exploration Starts With The Mid-Range Ryzen 5 4500U A 6 Core, 6 Thread Part With 6 Vega GPU Units. This Mid-Range Zen 2 Beats Intel's Best Of Intel's Core I5-10210U, Which Is A Quad-Core Comet Lake Processor. This Processor Speed Is Higher.

This Acer Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4,   Is 8 GB.  The 8GB RAM Our System Has, The More Programs It Can Handle Simultaneously Access Memory Isn’t The Only Determining Factor After All, We Can Technically Open Dozens Of Programs That Once Even With A Very Small Amount Of RAM. The Problem Is That Doing So Will Severely Slow Our System Down. If The Its Speed Is Faster, Its Depends Of Data Transfer Rate. 

Acer Aspire 5 A515-44-R41B Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 Inches And Its Screen Resolution Size Is Full HD (1920 X 1080) Acer Comfy View Widescreen LED-Backlit IPS Display802.11ac Wi-Fi 5 (Dual-Band 2.4ghz And 5ghz). This System Flesh Memory Size Is 256GB NV Me SSD.

Its Device 1 USB 3.2 (Type-C) Gen 1 Port (Up To 5 Gaps) And 2 - USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port One With Power-Off Charging. The Other 1 - USB 2.0 Port | 1 - HDMI Port With HDCP Support Windows 10 Home Its Laptop Is Backlit Keyboard. Its Battery Life Is 10 Hours.


·        15.6" Full HD

·        AMD Ryzen 5

·         Radeon Graphics

·         8GB DDR4

·        256GB NVMe SSD

·        Backlit Keyboard

·         Windows 10 Home




·        Affordable

·        Good sound quality

·        Full selection of ports

·        Middling performance

·        Below-average battery life

·        Mushy keyboard


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9. HAOQIN HaoBook140 14 Smartest and Thin laptop Under $500

This Laptop Computer 14 Inch Windows 10 Notebook PC Is Very Modern Stylish And Attractive Laptop Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel Count 2.Its Processor Supported By Intel Celeron N3350 Processor This Best Processor Is Intel Celeron N3350 Is An Entry Level Processor (CPU) For Notebooks. That Processor Can Be Found In Various Inexpensive Laptop Models. Processor Have Two Computing Cores, Maximal Clock Speed Of 2.4 GHz, And 2MB Of Cache, The Celeron N3350 Provides Very Basic Performance. This Processor Is Suitable Only For Non-Demanding Routine Computing Task.

This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR3 SDRAM,   Is 6 GB. The DDR3 Is Double Data Rate Type 3. And DDR3 Is A Type Of SDRAM That Is Used For System Memory. This Memory Is  Available In Both DIMM And SO-DIMM Form Factors. DDR3 RAM Is Similar To DDR2 RAM, Its But Uses Roughly 30% Less Power And Can Transfer Data Twice As Fast. When System Has Very Fast RAM Thin The Laptop Speed Is Batter. And We Can Have Done Our Work Brilliantly.

Laptop Computer 14 Inch Windows 10 Notebook PC Standing Screen Display Size Is 14 Inches And Its Max Screen Resolution Size Is 1366X768 Pixels. Its Device Flesh Memory Size Is 128 GB SSD.

This Is 0.3MP High-Definition Front Blocking Camera, Exquisite Digital Keyboard And Mouse Can Be Switched Back And Forth Freely, High-Resolution Rate And Impressive Color And Clarity. We An Immersive Entertainment Experience.

 It Device Is Compact Memory System That Is Ideal For Mobile Devices And Application Browser Tabs, Provides Powerful Storage Functions, And Simplifies Data Management And Supports HD Video Playback. Its Launch Super Internet Explorer Browser, Email, Skype, Office And Other Office Software.

Long Battery Life: 10000mah Battery Capacity Can Provide You With Lasting Power, Larger Capacity, Wider Coverage, To Meet Your Work And Entertainment Needs Of The Day, While Supporting 2 USB 3.0, 1 Mini HDMI, 1 DC Jack, 1 TF Card Slot, 1 Headphone Slot, Multi-Interface External Ports And Slots.

Quick Service When You Need ​We Are Committed To The Production And Development Of Laptops And Tablets For Many Years. If You Have Any Quality Problems With Our Products, Please Feel Free To Contact Us, We Will Provide You With The Best Quality Customer Service.



·        Windows 10 Notebook PC

·         HAOQIN HaoBook140

·         Intel Celeron N3350

·        6GB DDR RAM

·        128GB SSD

·         HD IPS Display

·        5.0GHz WiFi Bluetooth 4.2

·        HDMI Pink


10.BMAX 13.3" 2 In 1 Thin laptop Under $500

This BMAX 13.3" 2 In 1 FHD Touchscreen Laptop Computer Is Very Fantastic And Very Smart And Slime Looking Its Device Processor Brand Name Is Intel Count 4, Intel Quad-Core Celeron N4120 Is Very Fast And Very Power Full Laptop Its Intel Celeron N4120 Is A Quad-Core So Primarily For Inexpensive Notebooks And Was Announced. Its Processor Runs At 1.1-2.6 GHz Single Core Burst And Is Based On The Gemini Lake Platform That Is Compared To The Predecessor, The Celeron N4100, The Refresh Offers A 200 MHz Higher Boost Clock. 

Its System Memory Type Is DDR4 SDRAM Is 8 GB We Know That The RAM Is Random-Access Memory, Is An Essential Component In All Devices, From Pcs To Smartphones To Game Consoles. And Without RAM, Doing Just About Anything On Any System Would Be Much, Much Slower.  The Flip Side, Not Having Enough For The Application Or Game We Are Trying To Run Can Bring Things To A Crawl Or Even Prevent Them From Running At All.

The BMAX 13.3" 2 In 1 FHD Touchscreen Laptop Computer Is Standing Screen Display Size Is 13.3 Inches And Max Screen Resolution Is 1920x1080 Its Full HD IPS Result. Flesh Memory Size Is 256GB.Its Battery Life Is 6 To 7 Hours.


·        11.6" FHD  IPS Touchscreen

·         Intel Quad-Core Celeron N4120

·         8GB DDR4

·        256GB SATA SSD

·         Expandable 1TB SSD

·         Windows 10