10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $700 2021


10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $700 2020 [Best Laptop Buyer’s Guide]

Hi There. If You Are Looking For The Best Laptops For Gaming  Under $700 in  2021. Then You Are At The Right Place. Our Team Will Show The Best Gaming Laptops Under $700 2021 With The Best And Good Quality.

Dear Friend If You Are A Beginner To Gaming, It Is Possible To Identify Relevant Laptops In The Sub $700 Price Segment. Although Scaling Up Your Budget Is Always An Option, Precisely To Get Hold Of More RAM, VRAM And A Better CPU And GPU Combination. However, If You’re Looking For The Best Possible Specs In The Mentioned Price Range Then Our Post Has 9 Reliable Options (Performance-Wise) That You Shall Consider.

Our Team Enlisted The Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under$700 2021, All Laptops Are Very Powerful And Each Laptop Is Brilliant Performance. 

Dear Friend If You Are Looking For A Functional Device In This Price Range Than You Must Look At The Bigger Picture. In The Below Section, We’ve Listed 9 Of The Best Options Available For Less Than 700 Dollars. The List Is Carefully Curated By Taking High-Clocking Processors, Faster GPUs, Sizable Storage Units, Long-Lasting Batteries, And Other Relevant Factors Into Consideration.

This Laptop Is Under $700 Dollars We Already Decided A Budget? That’s Great, But You Should Also Figure Out The Requirements Of A Laptop. The Models In Our List Can Run 82% Of All The Software Available. There Are High Chances That The Software You Use Must Be Compatible. However, You Can Cross Check By Making A List Of 10-15 Software You’ll Be Using On The Machine And Check Their Minimum System Requirements. Our Team Enlisted The Best Laptops For Gaming Under $700. Let's Come And Choose The Best One Laptop For Gaming, Its All Laptops Are Best In Quality. 



What Are the Best Gaming Laptops Under $700 2021?







AMD Ryzen 5



MSI GF63 Thin

Intel Core i5-9300H



Asus TUF   FX504

8th Gen Intel Core i5



HP Pavilion   15

Intel Core i5



ASUS   FX505DD  

AMD Ryzen 5



Acer Aspire 5

10th Gen Intel Core i5




Quad-Core R5-3500U CPU



HP 15.6"

Intel Core i3-1005G1



Dell Inspiron i3583

Intel i3-8145U



Acer Swift 3

AMD Ryzen 7



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1.Asus Tuf Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop

This Laptop Asus Tuf Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop Is Best For Gaming Its Very Powerful And Processor The brand Name Is AMD And Its Count Is 6, Its Processor Is AMD Ryzen 5 4600h Processor (Up To 4.0 GHz). Its 5 4600h Holds Its Own Against The Eight-Core Core I7-10875h In Multi-Core Tests. In Fact, This Processor Can Be Up To 10 Percent Faster. While It Has Superior Single-Thread Performance And Higher Clock Speeds, There Are Also Plenty Of Workloads Where The Ryzen 5 4600h Is Not Faster. Its Processor Is Latest And Unique And Its Speed Is Best For Gaming.


This Laptop Memory Type Is Ddr4 RAM, RAM Is 8 Gb Ddr4.As Mentioned, 8gb Of RAM Is Great For Gaming As Many, If Not All, Games Will Run Well At This RAM Capacity. There Are Specific Cases For 8gb Of RAM And Higher Being Ideal For Gamers. For Gamers That Also Create Content, Stream, Or Even Play Music In The Background, Higher Capacity RAM Kits Are A Great Addition.Its Ddr4 RAM Performance Is Amazing And Effective.


This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512gb.This  Data Storage Capacity Of 256gb For An SSD Is Quite Common These Days. This Is Often Sufficient For General Purposes. It Is One Of The Main Reasons Our Top Recommended Gaming Laptops Come With A  Data Storage Capacity And 512gb Gaming SSDs Are Already Available  For Gamers).


This Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is NVidia GeForce Gtx 1650, The Strong Performing Piece Of Hardware, And GeForce Gtx 1650 Can Still Meet A Lot Of The Game System Requirements Of Modern Games. It Is Capable Of Running Games With Up To A Directx 12 Requirement.


This  Dual Fans With Self-Cleaning Anti-Dust Technology To Extend System Longevity. And  RGB Backlit Keyboard Rated For 20-Million Keystroke Durability.


·        A15 Gaming

·        15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS

·         AMD Ryzen 5 4600H

·         GeForce GTX 1650

·         8GB DDR4

·         512GB PCIe SSD

·        Windows 10 Home



·        Great value price

·        Fantastic Full HD performance

·        Quiet and comfortable keyboard

·        Loud fans when gaming

·        No macro keys




2.Msi Gf63 Thin Best Gaming Laptop Under $700

This Laptop Msi Gf63 Thin 9rcx -615 Is Gaming Laptop, It's All Fractures Is Latest, Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel, Count 4, Its Processor Is Intel Core I5 9300h 2, 4, 4, 1GHz.When Referring To A Laptop Processor Or System, GHz Is A Clock Frequency, Also Known As A Clock Rate Or Clock Speed, Representing A Cycle Of Time. Its Procesor Oscillator Circuit Supplies A Small Amount Of Electricity To A Crystal Each Second That Is Measured In Khz, Mhz, Or GHz. Hz Is An Abbreviation Of Hertz, And K Represents Kilo (1000)M Represents Mega (Million), And "G" Represents Giga (Thousand Million)The First Computers Processors (CPU's) Operated In Khz. And  For Example, The First Processor, The Intel 4004 Operated At 740 Khz. Old Processors Operated In Mhz, For Example, The Intel Pentium Processor Was Available In Speeds Of 60 Mhz To 300 Mhz. Today's Processors Operate In The GHz Range.


This Laptop Memory Type Is Sodimm, RAM Is 8 Gb. This RAM Type Is Best For All Laptops That Use So-Dimm Memory. And If We Where To Go By The Pictures Provided For Both Listings, Both Of The Items Are So-Dimm, As They Are Both The Same Size (Physically),  That's Made For A Laptop, It's So-Dimm.


This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is  And Its Screen Resolution Is  With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512 Gb. The 512 Gb Is Enough For Gaming. Its Laptop Battery Casting Is Best. This Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1050 Ti. This Is

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1050 Ti Benchmarks Its  Fastest Budget Gaming GPU, But Also The Priciest. Best-In-Class Performance And A Decent Amount Of RAM For 1080p Gaming. Its Of All Of The Budget GPUs On The Market, Its Boasts The Most Raw Performance, Eclipsing The Top-End Versions Of The Radeon Rx 560 Comfortable. 



·        15.6" Gaming

·        Intel Core i5-9300H

·        NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti

·         8GB RAM

·         512GB NVMe SSD

·         Windows 10




·        Sleek design for a gaming device

·        IPS panel

·        Dim Display

·        Terrible charging plug placement





3.Asus Tuf GamingLaptop  Under $700

This  Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop Fx504 Laptop Is Very Fast, Modern And Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 4, And Its Processor Is .8th Generation Intel Core I5-8300h Processor And Geforce Gtx 1050 2gb For Superior Gaming Performance And Multitasking.N Terms Of Overall Gaming Performance, The Intel Core I5-8300h 4-Core 2.3GHz Is Marginally Better Than The Intel Core I5-8250u 4-Core 1.6GHz When It Comes To Running The Latest Games. Both The Intel Core I5-8300h 4-Core 2.3GHz And The Intel Core I5-8250u 4-Core 1.6GHz Have The Same Number Of Threads.


This Laptop Memory Type Is Ddr4   8 Gb. The 8 Gb Of RAM Will Limit Our Options In Terms Of Game Titles And Genres, Although Some Older, Simpler Games Will Work Well. There While Many Of Today’s Popular Games List 8 Gb As The Minimum RAM Requirement, Experts Typically Suggest Having The Manufacturer’s “Recommended” RAM Allotment (Nearly Always Higher Than 8 Gb).


This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels  With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is256gb. 

Its Laptop Graphics Coprocessor Is Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1050. Its Graphs Performance Is Brilliant . And Look,The GTx 1050 Is A Good Card For Mid Range Gaming Laptops And Provides About 40–70 Fps On Most Of The Latest Games With All The Graphics Settings Turned Up To Max. That's When It Comes To Laptops, The Same Card Will Provide Maybe 30,50 Fps On The Same Ingame Video Settings.

The Latest Intel 802. Its Wave  Boasts 2 Data Transfer Rates Of Up To An Incredible 1. 7gbps.  It All Off To Top, This Red-Backlit Gaming Keyboard Is Rated At 20-Million Keystroke Durability.  The Actual Transfer Speed Of USB 3.0, 3.1  Type-C Will Vary Depending On Many Factors Including The Processing Speed Of The Host Device, File Attributes, And Other Factors Related To System Configuration And Our Operating Environment. Its Laptop Battery Timing Is Normally The Whole Day. Its Laptop Is Perfect For Gaming.




·        Full HD IPS

·         8th Gen Intel Core i5

·         GeForce GTX 1050

·         8GB DDR4

·        256GB M.2 SSD

·        Gigabit Wi-Fi

·        Windows 10




·        Reasonable price tag

·        Intel's 8th Gen CPU onboard

·        Backlit keyboard

·        Cheap design

·        Sub-par battery life

·        Poor Color Coverage





4.HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptops Under $700

This HP Pavilion Gaming 15-Inch Micro Edge Laptop Is Best For Gaming, Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 4.Its Processor Is Fast Processor 9th Generation Intel(R) Core(Tm) I5-9300h Processor, Quad-Core, 2.4GHz Up To 4.1GHz With Intel's) Turbo Boost, We Know That The Processor Is Most Important For Gaming, The Processor Is Also One Of The Most Important Components For A Gaming Laptop. And While Games Tend To Be More GPU Intensive, The System Is Still Important For Overall System Performance. Its Processor Is One Of The Most Difficult Parts To Upgrade, While Others Like Storage, Memory, And Graphics Cards Are Easy.


The laptop memory is 8GB. The RAM Is Also Very Important For Gaming. The RAM Is RAM Is Important Because Our Laptop Can Access Data In It More Quickly Than It Can Retrieve Info From Our Main Storage Disk. We Have The Entire Game's Data Stored On Your Hard Drive Or Solid State Drive, Its Constantly Pulling It From It Is Inefficient. Thus, Our Computer Moves The Game Information It Will Need To RAM In Order To Quickly Load It.


This The laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256gb. Its Graphic Coprocessor Is Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1650 Its Graphics Is Best For Gaming And Its Makes Laptop More Attractive. Its Laptop Battery Casting Is 6 To 7 Hours. Its Sleek Micro-Edge Bezel Display Provides A Maximum Viewing Experience While The Front-Firing Speakers With Audio By Bang & Olufsen Deliver Powerful, Custom-Tuned Sound.- The Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop Is Equipped With A Dual Fan System For Enhanced Thermal Cooling. 


Wide Rear Corner Vents And Additional Air Inlets Maximize Airflow To Optimize Our Overall Performance And Stability, Keeping The Machine Cool During Extended Usage.- Take On Anything. A High-Resolution Display With Fast Refresh Rate Delivers Smooth Game Play Visuals, While Also Bringing Entertainment And Content To Life.- Easily Take This Thin And Light Pc From Room To Room Or On The Road. When Our Pc Goes Wherever You Go, Staying Productive And Entertained Has Never Been Easier. 


·        Intel Core i5-9300H

·        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

·        8 GB SDRAM

·         256 GB SSD

·        Windows 10 Home




·        HD Display

·        Great performance

·         Decent battery life

·        Weak contrast ratio

·        no Thunderbolt 3

·        unstable display lid






5.ASUS 15.6" Gaming Laptop Under $700

This ASUS  - Fx505dd 15.6 Gaming Laptop Is Especially For Gaming.Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is AMD, Its The count Is 2. AMD Ryzen 5 Is the Best Processor. Processor Speed Is Measured In Gigahertz (GHz). The Higher This Measurement, The Faster The Processor. These Chips Are Constantly Getting Smaller And More Powerful. However, When We Shop, We Probably Shouldn't Consider Anything Lower Than 2 GHz. Its Processor Is Very Fast.


This Laptop Memory Type Is Ddr DRAM, RAM Is 8 Gb. This RAM Is Very Important,The Second Generation Of Synchronous DRAM Memory Chips Was Ddr (Sometimes Known As Ddr1). Ddr Stands For Double Rate, Which Suggests The Chip Reads Or Writes 2 Words Of Knowledge Per Clock Cycle. Its RAM Is Very Important And Fast, This RAM Data Transferring Speed Is Double.


This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256gb.The Well As Multiple ProgRAMs And Browser Tabs All At Once. This Best Drive (Pci-E) Save Files Fast And Store More Data. Its Laptop Massive Amounts Of Storage And Advanced Communication Power, Pci-E SSDs Are Great For Major Gaming Applications, Multiple Servers, Daily Backups, And More. Virtual Reality Ready This Laptop Has The Required Specs To Run Virtual Reality Hardware And Software And Is Compatible With Oculus Rift, Htc Vive, And Windows Mixed Reality Ultra.




·        15.6" Gaming

·        AMD Ryzen 5

·        8GB Memory

·         NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

·         256GB SSD

·        Windows 10




·        Best CPU

·        Good Gaming Performance

·        Small hinges could be larger or stiffer

·        dim display





6.Acer Aspire 5 Budget Gaming Device Under $700

The Acer Aspire 5 has 15.6 Full HD IPS Display Is Best For Gaming, Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 4, Its Processor Is 10th Generation Intel Core I5-1035g1 Processor (Up To 3.6GHz. This Processor Is Very Fast And Very Latest . We Know That The Processor Is The Heart Of A Laptop.


The laptop Memory Is 8 GB DDR4. Because RAM Allows Games To Load Efficiently, You Might Think That Adding More RAM Will Always Result In Better Performance. However, This Isn't The Case. If You Have More RAM Than Information You Need To Hold, The Extra Goes To Waste. This Illustrates This, Think About A Storage Container For Liquid. Places Like We Want High RAM Capacity, If Our RAM Is Fast Then The Laptop Speed Is Very Fast.


This The laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 And Its Screen Resolution Is (1920 X 1080) With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256gb.

Its Storage Is Best And Important For Gaming Laptops. This Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Integrated, Integrated Graphics Refer To A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) That's Literally Part Of The Motherboard, Integrated At The Silicon Level, Whereas Discrete Graphics, Its More Unique In Nature, Use A Slot-In Board To Connect Up To A Motherboard, Usually Via A Conduit That's Called PCI-Express.

 Its Processor Available Hard Drive Bay, True Harmony Gen 2 Technology, Two Built-In Stereo Speakers, Acer Purified. Voice Technology With Two Built-In Microphones, Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Ax201 802.11ax Dual-Band 2.4GHz And 5GHz Featuring 2x2 Mu-Mimo Technology. Its Battery Life Is 8 Hours.



·        15.6" Full HD

·        10th Gen Intel Core i5

·        8GB DDR4

·        256GB NVMe SSD

·        Windows 10 Home




·        Fast Processor

·        IPS Display

·        USB-C port

·        Great battery life

·        mediocre interface

·        Wi-Fi performance

·        surfaces susceptible to fingerprints



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7.ASUS F512DA Best Gaming Laptop Under $900

 This laptop Is Another one of The best laptop for Mid Range User. If You Went To buy a Laptop With Good Hardware specification and Best Performance then it can Be one Of The Best Choice for you. This Device comes with Powerful AMD Quad-Core Ryzen 5 3500U Processor. This Processor has 2M Cache and Which will Gives You The Speed of up to 3.6 GHz. Now we move to The RAM you will get 8GB DDR4 RAM. This RAM is enough For Do  multitasking and you can Plays some Games Smoothly on This laptop.


Now We move To The Display. This Device has 15.6-inch FHD 4 way Nano Edge bezel display with a stunning 88% screen-to-body ratio. Which Will Gives you the Brighter image and Graphic Quality with The Resolution of 1920 x 1080. At the Graphic performance Side you will get  AMD Radeon Vega 8 discrete graphics. This GPU is perfect For Mid Range Graphic Users.


At the Storage Side This laptop has256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. The best Thing of This laptop is that you will get an Ergonomic backlit keyboard and fingerprint sensor-activated via Windows Hello which will keep your device more safe and secure. The  Exclusive Ergo Lift design for improved typing position. These are some ports of This laptop. Comprehensive connections including USB 3.2 Type-C, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, HDMI, and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac). The battery performance of This Device is pretty Impressive you will get Up to 8 Hours of Battery life.



·        Vivo Book 15

·        15.6” Full HD

·         AMD Quad-Core R5-3500U

·        8GB DDR4 RAM

·        256GB PCIe SSD

·         AMD Radeon Vega 8

·        Windows 10 Home




·        Reasonable price

·        Backlit keyboard

·        Sturdy build quality

·        Mediocre battery life

·        Fingerprint sensor placement

·        Dim Display





8.New HP 15.6 Best Budget Gaming Laptop

This New HP 15.6 HD Touchscreen Laptop Is Best And Amazing ,Qualities, This Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Processor Count Is 2,10th Generation Intel Core I3-1005g1 1.2GHz Up To 3.4GHz.The Processor Is Also One Of The Most Important Components For A Gaming Laptop. And This Processor Speed Is Best. Its Games Tend To Be More GPU Intensive, The CPU Is Still Important For Overall System Performance.  Intel Core  Processor Seems To Sit Right In The Sweet Spot Of Power And Affordability For Most Types Of Gaming.


This Laptop Memory The type Is DDR4 RAM  8GB. This RAM Tells About The Behavior Of The DRAM Type. Unfortunately In Previous Technologies, RAM Is Designed To Synchronize Itself With The Timing Of The System. Its Memory Controller Knows The Exact Clock Cycle When The Requested Data Will Be Ready, So The CPU No Longer Has To Wait Between Memory Accesses. For Example, Laptop RAM Runs At 66 Mt/S, Pc100 RAM Runs At 100 Mt/S, Pc133 RAM Runs At 133 Mt/S, And So On.

That’s Clock Rate, And Reduce The Overall Dimensions Of This Component. These Improvements Can Be Associated With A Number Of Changes Including The Introduction Of The Smaller DRAM Cell, Synchronous DRAM Architectures, And Finally DDR Topology.

This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6 Inches  And Its Screen The resolution Is 1366x768 With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 128gb.Its Laptop Coprocessor Is Intel UHD Graphics, Hours Of Battery Life Mean We Can Transition From Morning Meetings To Evening Entertainment. Without Plugging In. That All Looks As Good As It Performs Thanks To A Brilliant HD Micro-Edge Bezel Display.




·        HD Touchscreen

·        Core i3-1005G1

·        8GB DDR4 RAM

·         128GB SSD

·        HDMI Bluetooth

·        Windows 10




·        Decent input devices

·        Slim appearance

·        Quiet operation

·        Lower number of I/O ports

·        Only 12 months warranty

·        Micro stutters





9. Dell Inspiron I3583 Budget Gaming laptop

This New! Dell Inspiron I3583 15.6 Is a Very Powerful And Modern Laptop. Its Laptop Is Best For Gaming, Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel, And Its Processor Count Is 2, Intel I3-8145u, Dual-Core, Four-Way. The Processor Provides The Instructions That Multiple Applications And Processes Need To Perform Their Work. The Processor Is Very Impressive, While The Faster It Does That, The Faster A Laptop Operates. The Modern And Faster Laptop Often Translate Into Increased Productivity And Efficiency And It's Capacity.


This Laptop Memory Type Is DDDr4 RAM  Is 8gb, The DDR4 RAM Provides A Lower Operating Voltage (1.2v) And Higher Transfer Rate. The Transfer Rate Of DDDR4. Ddr4 Adds Four New Bank Groups Technology. Each Bank Group Has The Feature Of Single Handed Operation. This Memory Can Process 4 Data Within A Clock Cycle, So Ddr4's Efficiency Is Better Than Ddr3 Obviously. Ddr4 Also Adds Some Functions, Such As Dbi, Crc  And Ca Parity. This Access Memory Is Very Fast To Transfer Ddr4 Memory's Signal Integrity, And Improve The Stability Of Data Transmission/Access.


This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size15.6 Is  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1360x768 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 128gbSSD.It's Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is  Intel Uhd Graphics 620 (Gt2) Is An Integrated Graphics Unit, Which Can Be Found In Various It's Very Amazing Processors. Its  (8th Generation Core). Compared To The Similarly Named Intel Hd Graphics 620 In The Kaby Lake CPUs, Only The Name Changed From Hd To UHD.

The 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Its  Built-In Media Reader Supports Sd Memory Card Formats Wireless-Ac Ethernet 10/100; Built-In Hd Webcam With Microphone.


·        15.6" HD Touch-Screen

·        Intel i3-8145U

·         8GB DDR4

·        128GB SSD

·        Windows 10

·        Wireless-AC

·        Bluetooth

·        SD Card Reader




·        Interesting surface haptic

·        Good price-performance ratio

·        Acceptable battery runtimes

·        No VGA port

·        Slow hard drive

·        Rickety input devices


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10.Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop 14

This Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop 14 Is Very Perfect And Amazing, Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is AMD, Count8, AMD Ryzen 7 4700u Octa-Core Mobile Processor (Up To 4.1 GHz) With Radeon Graphics. The It Affects Gaming The Same Way It Affects Everything Else Going On In Our Laptop. If The System Is Slow,  It's Our Other Components (Especially The GPU Since We're Interested In Gaming) Won't Be Able To Act At Their Full Potential The CPU Becomes What Is Then Known As A Bottleneck Aka The Weak Link In The System.


You Will Get DDR$ RAM Which  Is 8GB.As Of This Writing, The Generally Accepted Baseline Is 8gb Of RAM For Normal Pc Gaming. Casual Tests Have Found Little Performance Benefit Between Having 8gb .While We Can Get Away With Just 8gb Of RAM For Many Older Games, There's Little Reason To Build A New System With This Little RAM. The Games Continue To Become More Complex And Require More RAM, 4gb Won't Be Enough.If We Want To Future-Proof Your System, Or Also Use Our Laptop For Activities Like Video Editing. While You Might Not See A Huge Benefit In Games Right Away, That Foresight Will Pay Off In The Future.


This Laptop's Standing Screen Display Size Is 14inches And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512 Gb.It's Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is  Octa-Core With Radeon Graphic It's a Brilliant Performance Working. Its Battery Performance Is 7 To 8 Hours.


·        14" Full HD IPS

·         AMD Ryzen 7

·        Radeon Graphics

·         8GB LPDDR4

·         512GB NVMe SSD

·        Wi-Fi 6

·        Backlit KB

·         Fingerprint Reader

·        Windows 10




·        Solid chassis

·        Affordable

·        Good input devices

·        Low temperature

·        SD performance

·        Shocking WLAN performance

·        Memory not expandable