10 Best Linux Laptops For Developers in 2021

If You Are Looking For The Best Laptops For Best Linux Laptop For Developers  Then You Are At The Right Place. Our Team Will Show The Best Linux Laptop For Developers With The Best And Good Quality.

Dear Friend If You’re A Programmer And Linux User, A Laptop Can Be Your Best Friend Or The Worst Enemy, Depending On How Well, You Choose. It's Very Difficult To Choose The Best Laptop For Linux. Our Team Enlisted The Best Laptop Just For You, That's All Laptops Are Powerful And All Of Those Working Performances Are Best And Very Fast.

May You Don’t Need A Powerful Laptop. You Could Write An Entire Application On An Old Typewriter If You Didn’t Value Your Time And Wanted To Earn A Few Likes On Social Media And Some Others Related Things. However, Programming Isn’t Just About Writing Code. It’s Also About Prototyping, Debugging, Testing, And Optimizing. That All These Activities Are Much Easier To Perform If You Have Plenty Of Processing Power, Which Means Getting A Minimum Of 8 GB Of RAM And An Intel Core I5 Processor Or Its Equivalent.

You Are Someone That Dares To Be Different, Then One Of The Best Linux Laptops Is A Perfect Way To Embrace This Open-source OS With A Portable Form Factor.

Must You Select A Capable Machine And You’ll Be Rewarded With A Reliable Companion That You Can Take With You Anywhere And Use It To Turn Your Ideas Into Full-fledged Projects. And But If You Choose A Laptop That’s Not Fully Compatible With Linux, You May Soon Regret Your Investment. That’s  Help You Make The Right Choice, We’ve Put Together A List Of The Best Linux Laptops For Programming  Which You Can Buy In 2021.


What Are The Top 10 Best Linux Laptop For Developers






Acer Swift 3

RAM Ryzen 7 4700u

8 of RAM


Apple MacBook M1

Apple M1 Latest Chip



Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 

10th Generation Intel Core I5



Lenovo Think Pad E15

10th Gen Core I5

16 GB DDR4


Lenovo think pad x1 

Intel Core I7-10510u

16 GB DDR3


ThinkPad T490 

Intel Core I5-8265u



Asus Rog G531

9th Gen Intel Core I7



Dell XPS 13 7390

10th Gen Intel Core i7



MSI Gf63

Intel Core I5 9300h



Microsoft Surface   3

Intel Core i7

16GB Memory


1.Acer Swift 3 Best Laptop For Linux Development

This Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop Is A Very Smart Slim, Beautiful Looking And Very Fast Laptop , Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is AMD And The Processor Count Is 8 of RAM Ryzen 7 4700u Octa-core Mobile Processor. You will Get Speed Up To 4.1 GHz.

 The AMD Processor Is  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD Is An American Multinational Semiconductor Company Based In Santa Clara, California, That Develops Laptops  Processors And Related Technologies For Business And Consumer Markets. While We Know That The To Conclude, AMD Processors Are Generally Considered As A Cheaper Alternative To Intel. The ChIPSets Do Offer Some Good Value For Money Proposition And Can Be Considered Ideal For Those Who Want Some Good Performance From Their Laptops Or Desktops Without Spending A Fortune.


This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4 SD RAM, Which is   8 GB. The Laptop Random Access Memory (RAM) Is One Of The Most Important Components In Determining Your System's Performance. It Gives Applications A Place To Store And Access Data On A Short-term Basis. That Stores The Information Your Computer Is Actively Using So That It Can Be Accessed Quickly. It's Not A Permanent Memory, It's A Temporary Memory.


This Laptop's  Screen Display Size Is 14inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is  1920 X 1080  With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512GB.We Know That For A Better  Experience, A 512 GB SSD Is A Good Option. However, Issues Like The Frame Rate May Arise With Some Large Games And Developers, It's Best And Enough Space.


 This Laptop Has 2 Built-in Front Facing Stereo Speakers, Acer Purified. Its  Technology Of Voice With Two Built-in Microphones, Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 Ax200 802. 11ax Dual-band 2.  Featuring 2x2 Mu-Mimo Technology  Bluetooth 5. 0, Its Keyboard Is Backlit, Acer Bio-protection Fingerprint Solution, Featuring Computer Protection And Windows Hello Certification.



·         14" Full HD IPS

·         AMD Ryzen 7

·         Radeon Graphics

·         8GB LPDDR4

·         512GB NVMe SSD

·         Wi-Fi 6, Backlit KB

·         Fingerprint Reader

·         Windows 10





·         Solid chassis

·         Affordable

·         Good input devices

·         Low temperature

·         SD performance

·         Shocking WLAN performance

·         Memory not expandable





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2.Apple MacBook M1 Best Linux Laptops For Developers

The Apple MacBook Aires Laptop Is Best For The Developers, It's A Very Fast Laptop.  Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU Performance.  Generally Speaking, Faster Cores Let You Do Single Things Faster. Many Cores Let You Do More Things At Once. So, Getting A Faster Core Is Like Upgrading From A Regular Car To A Race Car. If We're Doing A Lot Of Intensive Work, Though,  Its Best Processor  Processing Speed Is More than the Previous. And It's a Brilliant  Way To Understand How A Processor Works Is To Imagine That Your Job Is To Tell A Thousand People How To Do Their Jobs. The Faster We Can Do That, The Faster Everyone Works. Laptop Processors, Or  IPS, Operate In A Similar Fashion. This Processor Provides The Instructions That Multiple Applications And Processes Need To Perform Their Jobs. It's Important For Developers. 

The laptop Memory Is 8 GB  RAM Which is perfect For Normal Users. And you will get more performance and Speed on This Device.

The  Random Access Memory Is Volatile. It Means Data Is Retained In RAM As Long As The Computer Is On, But It Is Lost If The Laptop Is Turned Off. As The Laptop  Is Rebooted, The OS And Other Files Are Reloaded Into RAM, Usually From An HDD Or SSD.

This Laptop's Display Size Is 13 Inch   And Its Screen  Full HD IPS Result. Its Flash Memory Size Is 256GB. Its Laptop Battery Casting Is 6 To 8 Hours Its Better For Developers. 



·         Apple MacBook Air

·         13-inch Full HD

·         8GB RAM

·         256GB SSD Storage

·         Mac OS





·         Lower price of entry

·         Long battery life

·         Sleek design

·         No support for Wi-Fi 6

·         No SD card slot

·         No Face ID login


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3. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5  Best Linux Laptops For Developers 


This Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14 Convertible Laptop Is Smart Working Performance And Very Impressive Laptop Model.Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 1, Its Processor Is 10th Generation Intel Core I5-1035g1 Processor, Intel UHD Graphics. The Faster It Does That, The Faster A Laptop Operates. Faster Laptops Often Translate Into Increased Productivity And Efficiency. Before The Technology Power Was Less And Its Working Power Capacity Also Was Very Slow But Now It's Not Same  Today, Technological Advances In Chip Manufacturing Make It Possible For Laptop With Faster Processors To Run Programs, Play Movies And Blaze  Through Complex Calculations At Remarkable Speeds. Its Very Use Full Processor.


This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4 SD RAM Which  Is 8 GB, The RAM Is An Important Part Of The Laptop, The RAM  Main Functions Are Because Of Its Volatility, RAM Can't Store Permanent Data. Its Memory  Can Be Compared To A Person's Short-term Memory, And A Hard Disk Drive To A Person's Long-term Memory. Its Memory Is Short Term And Focused On Immediate Work, But It Can Only Keep A Limited Number Of Facts In View At Any One Time. When A Person's Short-term Memory Fills Up, It Can Be Refreshed With Facts Stored In The Brain's Long-term Memory. The Laptop Also Works This Way. The RAM Fills Up, The Laptop's  Processor Must Repeatedly Go To The Hard Disk To Overlay The Old Data In RAM With New Data. Its Process Slows The Computer's Operation. So The RAM Is Very Important.

This Laptop's  Screen Display Size Is 14 Inches And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels  With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is a 128 GB SSD. Its Laptop Webcam Physical Privacy Shutter And Fingerprint Reader Help Keep Us Safe And Protect Our Privacy. The Connect With 2x2 Wi-Fi Is 6 And(4.2) Bluetooth Ports Include (2 USB-a, 1 USB-c HDMI, A 4-in-1) Card Reader, And An Audio Jack. Its Laptop Battery Performance Is Best And Normal 8 To 9 Hours.



·         14" Convertible

·         FHD Touch Display

·          Intel Core i5-

·         8GB DDR4

·         128GB SSD

·         Intel UHD Graphics

·         Win 10





·         Dual internal storage bays

·         Great-looking display

·         Decent battery-life

·         Very small cooling solution

·         Weak speakers with little bass

·         Gets pricey with options




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4. Lenovo Think to pad E15 Best Linux Laptops For Developers

Lenovo Think pad E15 Is A Very Attractive And Very Powerful Laptop. Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel, And Its Processor Count Is 4, Its Processor Is Intel 10th Gen Core I5-10210u (4 Cores 8 Threads, Base Clock Speed 1.6ghz, Max Turbo To 4.2ghz, 6MB L3 Cache) It's Best And Most Faster Processor. Our Processor Also Communicates With Other Laptop Components, Such As Memory And The Hard Drive. It's All Components Work Together, A Slow Hard Drive Could Make An Application Run Slowly Even If Our Laptop Has A Very Fast Processor. Random Access Memory,  RAM, Stores Information That Applications Need. The  Windows And Other Applications Move Data Into Memory And Read It Back Continuously. If Our RAM Reads And Writes Data Slowly, That May Also Slow Our Laptop Down. We Know That The Processor Is The Heart Of A Laptop, It's The Processor Is Fast Then Its Processing Speed Is Also Very Fast.


This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4 SD RAM And The RAM (Random Access Memory) Is 16 GB. We Know That’s How RAM Works. The RAM, Random Access As Applied To RAM Comes From The Fact That Any Storage Location, Also Known As Any Memory Address Can Be Accessed Directly. Originally, The Term Random Access Memory Was Used To Distinguish Regular Core Memory From Offline Memory. Its Offline Memory Typically Referred To Magnetic Tape From Which A Specific Piece Of Could Data Only Be Accessed By Locating The Address Sequentially, Starting At The Beginning Of The Tape. This Memory Is Organized And Controlled In A Way That Enables Data To Be Stored And Retrieved Directly To And From Specific Locations.


This Laptop's  Screen Display Size Is15.6 Inches And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920x1080 With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512 GB. The ThinkPad E15 Is Designed To Withstand Almost Anything You Can Throw At It, Even Water. Mil-spec Tested It Is Proven To Work In Almost Any Environment From Freezing Arctic Cold To A Hot, Dry Desert. What Is More, Even Accidental Knocks, Drops, And Spills Will Not Stop It From Performing.




·          15.6" FHD Full HD

·         Intel 10th Quad Core i5

·         6GB DDR4 RAM

·          512GB PCIe SSD

·          Type-C, HDMI

·         Windows 10 Pro





·         Inexpensive

·         Fabulous user experience.

·         Dual pointing devices.

·         Big screen.

·         Poor battery life

·         Looks a little boxy compared to the 13inch model

·         Loud optical drive





5.Lenovo_thinkpad_x1   Best Linux Laptops For Developers

This Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Business Ultrabook Laptop Is Very Fast. Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel, Count 4, Its Processor Is Processor Intel Core I7-10510u Quad-Core Processor (8MB Cache, 1.8ghz-4.9ghz) 15w. Its Processor May Be Tempting To Buy A Processor Because It Advertises A Fast Clock Speed. However, Clock Speed, As Laptop Shopper Notes, Is Only Marginally Useful In Gauging How Fast A System Really Is. Its Chip’s Architecture And Its Cache And Other Factors Also Influence Our System Speed. The Speed Of The Clock Refers To The Number Of Cycles That A Processor Executes Per Second. A Cycle Is A Unit Of Measurement During Which A Processor Executes Instructions. Many Times We See A Processor That Has A Rating Of (3.1) GHz, It Operates At (3.1) Billion Cycles Per Second. Its Processor Processing Speed Is Mind-Blowing. 


This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR3 SD RAM Which  Is 16GB. The RAM Is Very Important Because The RAM Is Similar In Concept To A Set Of Boxes.  That Is The Set Of RAM Boxes Is Called An Array. While Each Box Is Known As A Cell. Its Important To  Find A Specific Cell The Memory Controller Sends The Column And Row Address Down A Thin Electrical Line Etched Into The Chip. Every Row And Column In A RAM Array Has Its Own Address Line. Each Data That's Read Flows Back On A Separate Data Line. RAM Is Physically Small And Stored In Microch IPS. That's  Small In Terms Of The Amount Of Data It Can Hold. A Typical Laptop May Come With 8 Gigabytes Of RAM, While A Hard Disk Can Hold 10 Terabytes.


This Laptop's Screen Display Size Is 14 Inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is 3840 X 2160  With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 1tb.Its Battery Life Is Normally Whole Day Its Fast Charging Support. 



·         Business Ultrabook

·         Intel i7-10510U

·          16GB RAM

·         1TB NVMe SSD

·          14.0" 4K UHD IPS

·          Windows 10





·         Durable chassis

·         Plenty of ports

·         RJ45 connector

·         3-year warranty

·         No "WWAN-ready"

·         Ethernet requires a dongle

·         Trackpad could be better




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6.ThinkPad T490 Best Linux Laptops For Developers

Newest Premium Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Business Laptop Computer Is Perfect For The Developers. Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Count Is 4. Its Processor Is Intel Core I5-8265u 1.80ghz Processor 8th, Gen, Up To 3.90 GHz, 6MB Smart Cache, 4-cores. Its Processor Is Upgraded Performance With Smooth Responsiveness And Fast Load Times For An Exceptional Pc Experience.

 The Processor's Core Count Can Be More Important Than Its Speed. We May Have Seen The Terms Dual-core Or Quad-core When Reviewing Processors. That Dual-core Chip Consists Of Two Processors While A Quad-core Chip Contains Four. We'll Find A Quad-core Chip Useful If We Like To Run Multiple Applications At Once Or Run Programs Designed To Take Advantage Of Four Cores. That Their Single-core Counterparts, Multi-core Processors Also Perform Faster When They Have Higher Clock Speeds. The Clock Speed Is Very Important.


This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4 SD RAM Is 8GB.Its RAM Microchips Are Gathered Together Into Memory Modules. That Plug Into Slots In The Laptop Motherboard. This Bus, Or A Set Of Electrical Paths, Is Used To Connect The Motherboard Slots To The Processor.


This Laptop's   Display Size Is 14 Inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920x1080 With Full HD IPS Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256GB. The T490 Delivers Up To 16.1 Hours Of Battery Life. And If We’re Running Low, Rapid Charge Technology Provides 80% Capacity In Just An Hour. That A 60-minute Lunch Break Or A Layover Can Easily Boost Our Battery Up To More Than 12 Hours.



·         14" FHD IPS

·         Intel i5-8265U

·         8GB DDR4

·          256GB SSD

·         Fingerprint

·         Webcam, Backlit KB

·          Win10 Pro





·         Great I/O selection

·         Supports Thunderbolt

·         Charges with USB Type-C

·         Lacks color profile for sRGB

·         No full-sized SD card slot anymore

·         Thunderbolt 3 Bad






7. Asus Rog G531gt-bi7n6   Best Linux Laptops For Developers

This Asus Rog G531gt-bi7n6 15.6 FHD Gaming Laptop Computer Is Very Fast And Very Unique. Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel, Its Processor Count Is 6, And Its Processor Is  9th Gen Intel Core I7-9750h Processor. This Processor Is Best And Very Power Full. Its Processor Processing Speed Is Double. When A Processor Speed Is Higher Than Its Working Power Is Also Double.

 This System Memory Type Is DDR,8GB, The Amount Of RAM Needed All Depends On What The User Is Doing. We Can Do So Many Tasks Like Video Editing, And It's Best For Developing . It's Recommended That A System Have At Least  GB RAM, Though More Is Desirable. It's Also Better For The  Picture Editing Using Photoshop, Adobe Recommends A System That Has At Least 3GB Of RAM To Run Photoshop Cc On A Mac. Likewise  When The User Is Working With Other Applications At The Same Time, Even 8GB Of RAM Can Slow Things Down.


This Laptop's  Screen Display Size is 15.6 Is  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels  With Full HD IPS Result. This Result Is Typically More Expensive,It Produces Much Higher Display Quality, Along with Better Colors And Much Better Viewing Angles. That's Viewing Angles, In Particular, Are One Of The Top Reasons We Wouldn't Want A Tn Panel On Our Phone. Its IPS Displays Just Generally, Look Better Over. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512 SSD. Its Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is NVidia GeForce Gtx 1650. This Laptop Also Has A Webcam And It's All Fractures Is Latest. It's the Best Laptop For Developers. 




·         15.6"

·         intel Hexa-Core i7

·         8GB DDR4

·         512GB SSD

·         NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

·         Windows 10





·         Low price

·         120Hz IPS panel option

·         RGB basically everywhere

·         No Thunderbolt support

·         No SD card reader

·         Only 57% of sRGB


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8. Dell XPS 13 7390 Laptop Best Linux Laptops For Developers


This Laptop Dell XPS 13 7390 Laptop Is Very Useful And It's All Fractures Are Latest And Modern And Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel, And Its Processor Count Is 6, The Laptop Processor Speed Strongly Affects Its Overall Performance. Its Processor Speed Of A Processor In A Contemporary Laptop Is About Four Million Times Faster Than The Earliest  IPS. The Unique And Faster Processor Performs Simple Tasks More Quickly Than A Slow One And It Makes Sophisticated Applications Quick Enough To Be Practical. Its Processor Itself Is Not The Only Factor Involved In A Laptop's Performance; However, Memory And Hard Drive Speed Also Come Into Play.


This Laptop Memory Type Is 16GB RAM,(Random Access Memory) Is 16GB. The All  RAM Cell Has A Charge Or Lack Of Charge Held In An Electrical Capacitor. This Data Must Be Constantly Refreshed With An Electronic Charge Every Few Milliseconds To Compensate For Leaks From The Capacitor. While The Transistor Serves As A Gate, Determining Whether A Capacitor's Value Can Be Read Or Written. It's Very Fast And Powerful RAM, It's Increasing The Data Transferring Speed.


The laptop's  Display Size Is 13.3 And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 With Full HD IPS Result. Its Flash Memory Size Is256GB.

This Laptop Is Beautiful From Every Angle The Anti-reflective Screen Combined With Superior 400-nit Brightness Frees Us To Enjoy Our Entertainment Outdoors. It's A Very Beautiful Laptop.  This Laptop Cooler Than Ever  The XPS 13 Is The First Laptop Built With Gore Thermal Insulation, Which Provides Thermal Conductivity Levels Lower Than Air In A Thin, Flexible Format. Its Laptop Battery Life Is Standard.



·         13.3 inch FHD Infinity Edge Touch

·          10th Gen Intel Core i7

·          256GB SSD

·          16GB RAM

·         Windows 10 Home





·         Fast CPU and GPU performance

·         Fast MicroSD reader

·         Excellent MagLev keyboard

·         Lacks WAN, NFC

·         No eSIM, or USB Type-A

·         Lacks OLED option

·         Soldered RAM, SSD







9.MSI Gf63 Thin 9rcx -615 Best Linux Laptops For Developers

This Laptop MSI Gf63 Thin 9rcx -615 Is Very Stylish And Very Smart, Its Working Power Capacity Is Brilliant. Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And The Processor Count Is 4, Intel Core I5 9300h 2  4: 4; 1ghz.This Intel Core I5-9300h Is A Fast Processor For Laptops Cores In 4  Based On The Coffee Lake Architecture. Its Processor Clocks At Between 2.4 And 4.1 GHz Which has 4 With 4 Cores.  And Can Execute Up To Eight Threads Simultaneously Thanks To Hyper-threading. It's A Very Impressive Processor And Very Powerful.

 You Will Get  8 GB RAM. The Sodium (Small-outline Dual Inline Memory Module) Is A Small Laptop Expansion Card Used For RAM. It Is A Smaller Version Of The Dimm And Is Commonly Used In Laptops All In Ones,  The Other Small Form Factor System. That  Pinout Varies Depending On The Type Of RAM It’s Carrying, But Most Recent Sodimms Have 288 Pins. Its Kind Of RAM Is Very Fast. 

This  Screen Display Size Is 15.6 Inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080  With Full HD IPS Result. It's Flash Memory Size Is 512 GB. This Laptop's Graphics Coprocessor Is NVidia GeForce Gtx 1050 Ti, This Laptop Display Result Is IPS Its Full HD Result. This Laptop Is Best For The Developers. This Laptop Battery Casting Is Normally 6 To 7 Hours.   



·         15.6" HD Display

·         Intel Core i5-9300H

·          NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti

·         8GB RAM

·          512GB NVMe SSD

·          Win10





·         Sleek design for a gaming device

·         IPS panel with high contrast ratio

·         Upgrading voids the warranty




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10. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Best Linux Laptops For Developers

This Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Working Performance Is Amazing, Its Working Quality Is Very Impressive . Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And The Processor Count Is 4. Intel Core I7. Its Performance Is Clear And Very Fast. We Know That The Processor Is An Important Part Of A Laptop, Its Processor Is Also Called The Heart Of The System. It's an Amazing And Superb Processor. 

This Laptop Memory  Is 16 GB. The Original Single Data Rate SD-RAM   Reached Its Limit Quickly. It's Double Data Rate Synchronous Random Access Memory  Was Developed. Its Memory Is Its  Moved Data Twice In A Single Clock Cycle, At The Start And The End. Its RAM Is Developed Three Times, With DDR2, DDR3 And DDR4, And Each Iteration Has Brought Improved Data Throughput Speeds And Reduced Power Use. Then Each DDR Version Has Been Incompatible With Earlier Ones Because While  Each Iteration, Data Is Handled In Larger Batches. So The RAM Is An Important Part For A Laptop. Because If We Have Old Model RAM Then Our Laptop Speed Is Nothing While If We Have The Latest Model Our System Speed Is Double. 

This Laptop's Screen Display Size Is13.5inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is2256 X 1504  With Full HD IPS Result. It's Flash Memory Size Is 256 GB. This Improved Speed And Performance To Do What We Want, With The Latest Processors  Surface Laptop 3 Is Up To Two Times Faster Than Surface Laptop 2 The Others Ways To Connect With USB C And USB-a Ports For Connecting To Displays, Docking Stations And More, As Well As Accessory Charging. Its All Day Power On The Go, With Up To 11.5 Hours Of Battery Life, Standby Time When You’re Away. It Supports Fast Charging Its Keep Charging In 1 Hour Completely.



·         13.5" Touch-Screen

·          Intel Core i7

·          16GB Memory

·          256GB Solid State

·         Windows 10





·         Clean software

·         Great everyday performance

·         Instant On

·         No Dolby Vision or anti-glare display

·         Below average battery life

·         Lacks a dedicated GPU