How Much Brightness And Contrast For Monitor Is Good For Eyes

In this article, we Explain How much brightness and contrast for monitor is good for the eyes. And we’re going to explore the eyes and how they react when they’re exposed to different levels of these two factors.

Having a monitor that is too bright or too dark can be harmful to your overall eye health. Color contrast and brightness are two factors that affect your eyesight.

A recent study has shown that using a screen with low contrast can worsen eye problems like age-related macular degeneration.

What’s more, the study says that if you want to keep your eyes healthy, you should use a screen with at least “moderate” brightness and contrast.

how monitor brightness and contrast is good or bad for your eyes. So if you want to know how to make sure your monitor is safe to use.

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How Much Brightness And Contrast For Monitor Is Good For Eyes?

There’s no one answer to this question, as everyone’s eyes are different and will react differently to brightness and contrast. However, many experts recommend that people keep their monitor brightness and contrast Level between 30-60%.

The reason for this is that while 30-60% may be too bright or too contrasting for some people, it’s usually just the right level for others. And since everyone’s eyes are different, you can never be too safe in terms of monitor brightness and contrast levels!

How Much Brightness And Contrast For Monitor Is Good For Eyes

Low Brightness vs. High Brightness – Which Is Better?

When it comes to monitoring brightness, many people debate which is better: low brightness or high brightness.

Low brightness is typically seen as the best option for people because it’s less jarring and easier on the eyes. However, high brightness can be useful if you work in a bright environment where you need to see details.

Ultimately, it depends on what works best for you. If you’re finding that low brightness is giving you headaches, then go with high Brightness. But if you’re generally happy with how your monitor looks and don’t have any issues with glare, then stick with low Brightness.

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Can I Automatically Adjust Screen Brightness?

When you’re working in a brightly lit environment, your eyes need to adjust to the new light level. If you’re using a computer monitor that’s set too bright for your eyes, it can cause eye fatigue and other problems.

To avoid these problems, it’s important to find a monitor brightness and contrast level that works well for you.

There are several methods you can use to adjust your monitor’s brightness and contrast levels automatically. The most common way is to use software that comes with your computer or device.

Some monitors also allow you to adjust the brightness and contrast levels manually. However, this may be difficult if your monitor doesn’t have a lot of buttons or if you don’t know how to use them.

Alternatively, you can ask someone else who uses computers regularly to help you adjust the settings on your monitor.

How to change the brightness of the Monitor?

If you find that your monitor is either too bright or too dim, you can adjust the brightness setting to make it more comfortable to work on. Follow these steps:

Basically, There are different Metho that you can follow to change the brightness of a computer monitor. These are the methods that you can follow to change the brightness of the monitor.

  • Change Brightness From Monitor Setting
  • Change Brightness From the laptop setting
  • Adjust calibration setting in windows

1. How to Change Monitor Brightness?

To Change Monitor Brightness

First of all, You should find the setting button on your Monitor. that should be at the corner or back side of the Monitor.

  • Press Setting Button.
how to open setting on computer monitor
  • Then select brightness and contrast.
  • Here you will see Brightness and Contrast levels.
How to change brightness in Monitor setting
  • adjust the Contrast and Brightness between 30 to 60% with the up and down keys.
  • That’s it.

2. How to change Laptop Brightness?

changing the brightness of the laptop is not a difficult task. you can adjust it from the setting.

  • Open windows setting (Windows+i)
  • From the left side click on system and then click on Display.
how to change brightness of laptop from setting
  • Here you will see the Brightness Level of your laptop.
  • Adjust the brightness according to your Requirement.
  • You can also adjust the brightness from the Right side Manue button.
how to change brightness of laptop from menu
  • Click on the battery icon and here you will see the brightness level.

How to Adjust the calibration setting in windows?

If you went to change the brightness level of your computer and Monitor? You can adjust it from the calibration set.

  • Search color on the windows search bar.
adjust calibration setting in windows setting
  • Click on Color Management. it will open new windows Setting box.
  • From setting box click on advance and calibrate display.
  • Click on Next, Next, Next.
  • ON the third box you will see adjust gamma screen.
  • Adjust the level of gamma according of your requirement.
adjust gamma setting on windows
  • And follow the screen instructions.

Tips to Follow When Working With Bright Monitors

When you’re working with a bright monitor, it’s important to follow these tips:

  1. Make sure your work environment is dark and quiet.
  2. Dim the lights in your office or home before you start working.
  3. Use a glare filter if necessary.
  4. Adjust your monitor’s brightness setting until you find an intensity that works for you.
  5. Wear anti-glare glasses if necessary.
  6. Take regular breaks to avoid fatiguing your eyes.
  7. If you experience eye fatigue, try using an eye mask or closing your eyes for a short period of time when you need to work on a bright monitor.

What are The Major Factors That Determines Brightness Adjustment for your computer screen?

When it comes to monitors, many people are unsure of how bright or dark they should make the display. After all, you want to make sure that your eyes are getting a good amount of brightness and contrast to work with.

But is this really necessary? Here are some factors to consider when it comes to monitor brightness and contrast:

1) Age:

The younger your eyes, the more light they need in order to function optimally. As you age, your eyes begin to lose sensitivity to light and so you may need less and less light to see properly.

This is why it’s important for people over the age of 40 or 50 to use a lower brightness setting on their monitors.

2) Workplace Conditions:

If you spend a lot of time working in an environment with low lighting, then you may want to adjust your monitor’s brightness setting.

On the other hand, if you work in an environment with high lighting, then you may not need as much brightness on your monitor. It depends on the type of work that you do and what conditions are most comfortable for you.

3) Eye Health:

One factor that isn’t usually considered when adjusting monitor brightness is eye health. When making adjustments, be sure to consider how bright the display is before making any decisions; if it’s too bright, then it can cause fatigue or strain on your eyes.

In addition, make sure that the contrast ratio on your monitor is appropriate for your vision; if it’s too high, then you may have trouble seeing fine details.

4) Environment:

Another factor to consider when adjusting monitor brightness is the environment in which you’re working. If your desk is in a brightly lit room, then you may want to adjust your monitor’s brightness down.

Conversely, if your work area is dimly lit, then you may want to increase your monitor’s brightness. Again, it depends on the conditions and how comfortable you are working in that environment.

5) Comfort:

One of the most important factors to consider when adjusting monitor brightness is your comfort. If you’re finding that the brightness is causing strain or fatigue on your eyes, then you may want to adjust it down.

Conversely, if the brightness is too low and you’re having trouble seeing properly, then you may want to increase the brightness. It all depends on your individual preferences and how comfortable you are working in that environment.

6) Screen brightness:

Make sure that the screen brightness on your monitor is appropriate for the type of work that you’re doing. If you’re using your monitor for general computer use, then a lower screen brightness may be appropriate.

Conversely, if you’re working with images or video, then you may want to make the screen brighter. Again, it all depends on the type of work that you’re doing and what’s most comfortable for you.


Too much brightness or contrast can be harmful to your eyes. 30 to 60% brightness and contrast level of your monitor is good for your eyes.  You may think you’re benefiting from a high level of brightness or contrast, but in reality, it’s causing damage to your retinas.

Try to keep the brightness and contrast levels on your monitor as low as possible to ensure healthy vision for years to come.


What is the best way to adjust monitor brightness?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people prefer to adjust their monitors manually, while others may find that using a desktop or laptop software utility is more effective. Ultimately, the best way to adjust brightness depends on your personal preferences and usage habits.

Is there a way to adjust my monitor’s brightness without using any external devices?

Yes, you can adjust your monitor’s brightness using the “brightness” slider on your computer or by using the “display” menu on your television or monitor.

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