Cherry Vs OEM Keycaps Profile Which Is Better

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In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between Cherry Vs OEM keycaps, and help you decide which type of keycaps will be better suited for your needs.

Whether you’re a casual typist, gamer, or professional, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, let’s get started!

If you’re a passionate mechanical keyboard enthusiast, then you know that keycaps are an essential component that can drastically enhance the aesthetics and performance of your keyboard.

But when it comes to choosing between Cherry and OEM keycaps, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which is better.

Cherry keycaps are the original manufacturer of keycaps for Cherry MX switches, whereas OEM keycaps are generic keycaps that can fit on any keyboard.

Both types have their pros and cons, and it ultimately boils down to personal preference.

Before we dig deep let’s Start from Scratch!

What are Keycap Profiles?


Keycap profiles refer to the different shapes and designs of the keycaps that are used on computer keyboards. The profile of a keycap is essentially its overall shape and curvature, and it can affect the way that it feels to type on a keyboard.

There are several different keycap profiles that you may come across when shopping for mechanical keyboards, and each profile has its own unique characteristics.

Here are some of the most common keycap profiles:

  • OEM: OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and OEM keycaps are the standard keycaps that come with most off-the-shelf keyboards. They have a cylindrical shape and a slight curve that allows for comfortable typing.
  • Cherry: Cherry keycaps are similar to OEM keycaps, but they have a slightly more pronounced curve, which can make them more comfortable to type on. They are designed specifically for Cherry MX switches, which are some of the most popular mechanical switches on the market.
  • DSA: DSA keycaps have a uniform flat profile and are typically shorter than other keycap profiles. They are often used in custom keyboard builds and are popular among enthusiasts for their minimalist design.
  • SA: SA keycaps are tall and sculpted, with a high profile that makes them stand out from other profiles. They are popular among typists who prefer a more vintage look and feel.
  • XDA: XDA keycaps have a similar profile to DSA keycaps, but they are slightly wider and have a more concave shape. They are popular among gamers for their comfortable and responsive feel.

Overall, the keycap profile that you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences and typing style. Each profile has its own unique feel, and it’s important to try out different profiles to determine which one is best suited for you.

What are Cherry Profile Keycaps?

Cherry Profile Keycaps keyboard

Cherry profile keycaps are known for their distinctive shape, which is similar to the OEM profile but with a more pronounced curve. This curve is designed to provide a more comfortable and natural typing experience, as it matches the shape of the fingers and the natural curvature of the hand.

Cherry profile keycaps are a type of keycap design that has become increasingly popular in the world of mechanical keyboards. Unlike other keycap profiles, such as OEM or SA, Cherry profile keycaps have a unique sculpted shape that is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience.

The Cherry profile keycaps are sculpted to fit the natural contours of the fingers, which can help to reduce fatigue and strain during long typing sessions. Additionally, the angled tops of the keycaps make them easier to hit accurately, which can improve typing speed and accuracy.

Another distinguishing feature of Cherry profile keycaps is their relatively low height of 9.4 mm. This lower profile can also help to reduce strain on the fingers and wrists, as it allows for a more natural typing position.

Overall, Cherry profile keycaps are known for their combination of comfort, accuracy, and speed. They have become a popular choice for both gaming and typing enthusiasts who value these qualities in their mechanical keyboards.

What is a Low Profile keyboard?

Is Cherry the best keycap profile?

Yes! Cherry profile keycaps have a relatively low profile, which some people find comfortable to type on. They also have a slight curve to their topside, which can provide a good feel and support for your fingertips while typing.

Additionally, Cherry profile keycaps are one of the most popular keycap profiles, which means they are widely available and compatible with many different keyboard layouts.

However, other keycap profiles such as OEM, SA, DSA, and XDA all have their own unique features and advantages that may be preferred by some people. OEM profile, for example, has a slightly taller profile and a concave top which some users find more comfortable to type on. SA profile, on the other hand, has a very tall profile and a spherical shape that can be beneficial for touch typists.

What are Low Profile Switches?

Pros of Cherry Profile Keycaps

  1. Comfortable typing experience: Cherry Profile keycaps are sculpted to provide a comfortable typing experience by providing different angles for your fingers to rest on, which can help reduce fatigue and strain during long typing sessions.
  2. Aesthetic appeal: Cherry Profile keycaps are a popular choice among enthusiasts due to their sleek and minimalist design. They have a low profile, which makes them look more compact and modern compared to other keycaps.
  3. Compatibility: Cherry Profile keycaps are compatible with most mechanical keyboards, including those with Cherry MX switches, which makes them a versatile option.
  4. Durable: Cherry Profile keycaps are made of high-quality materials, such as ABS or PBT plastic, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They can withstand frequent use without fading or chipping.

Cons of Cherry Profile Keycaps

  • Limited availability: Cherry Profile keycaps are not as widely available as other keycap profiles, which can make them harder to find and more expensive.
  • Higher cost: Cherry Profile keycaps are often more expensive compared to other keycap profiles, which can be a disadvantage for people on a tight budget.
  • Typing sound: Some users report that Cherry Profile keycaps produce a higher-pitched typing sound compared to other profiles, which can be a drawback for those who prefer a quieter typing experience.
  • Personal preference: Cherry Profile keycaps are not suitable for everyone as some people may prefer other profiles, such as SA or DSA, which offer different typing experiences.

High Profile Vs Low profile keyboards

Are cherry keycaps loud?

Cherry profile keycaps are not inherently louder than other keycap profiles. The sound of a keyboard is primarily determined by the type of switches being used, as well as other factors such as the keyboard case, typing technique, and desk surface.

As You know that, material and thickness of the keycaps can affect the sound of the keyboard to some extent.

For example, thick keycaps made from ABS or PBT plastic can dampen the sound of the switches and make the keyboard quieter overall, while thin keycaps made from cheaper materials may produce a louder, more hollow sound.

ABS vs PBT keycaps

So if we talk about the loudness of cherry Design Keycaps, Cherry profile keycaps made from thicker, high-quality materials like PBT plastic are less likely to produce a loud, rattling sound when typing than cheaper, thinner keycaps made from lower-quality materials like ABS plastic.

However, it’s important to note that the sound of a keyboard is highly subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and other factors.

Which is better XDA or cherry profile?

Cherry Profile Keycaps keyboard

According to my experience for General usage XDA is better then Cherry design profile. XDA profile keycaps have a uniform height and flat top surface, which is comfortable for typing because it allows for a more even distribution of pressure on the fingertips. XDA keycaps also tend to have a wider surface area than Cherry profile keycaps, which can make it easier to hit the correct keys.

If you want for typing Cherry profile keycaps is perfect choice, have a slightly curved top surface and a lower profile overall. This profile more comfortable for typing because it provides a slight angle to the keycaps that can help with finger placement and reduce fatigue.

Both XDA and Cherry profile keycaps are popular choices and have their own unique advantages. Ultimately, the best keycap profile is the one that feels the most comfortable and enjoyable to use for you personally. It’s worth trying out both XDA and Cherry profile keycaps to see which one you prefer.

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 Why Is Cherry MX Profile Design Is Popular For Keyboards?

Cherry MX profile keycaps are popular for keyboards because the combination of comfort, functionality, and compatibility has helped to make the Cherry MX profile design a popular choice for keyboard keycaps.

They were some of the first keycaps to be designed specifically for mechanical switches, and they have a number of features that many people find comfortable and functional.

The Cherry MX profile is a relatively low-profile design, which means that the distance between the top of the keycap and the top of the switch is relatively short. This can provide a comfortable typing experience, especially for people who prefer a more shallow key travel.

The profile of Cherry MX keycaps also has a slight curve on the top surface, which can help to guide your fingers to the centre of the key and provide a comfortable resting place for your fingertips.

last but not the least, Cherry MX keycaps have a number of different sub-profiles (such as Cherry profile, OEM profile, and DCS profile) that provide different shapes and angles to the keycaps, making it easier to customize your keyboard to your specific preferences.

Finally, Cherry MX keycaps are widely available and compatible with many different types of mechanical switches, which makes them a popular choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Is Cherry profile same as OEM?

Both Cherry profile and OEM profile keycaps have a cylindrical shape, they have different heights and top surfaces, which can affect the feel and typing experience of the keyboard.

And also, OEM profile keycaps are often used in pre-built keyboards, while Cherry profile keycaps are more commonly found in custom mechanical keyboards.

While Cherry and OEM profile keycaps share some similarities in design and sculpt, there are several key differences that set them apart.

As I mentioned, Cherry profile keycaps are generally shorter in height than OEM profile keycaps. Cherry profile keycaps typically have a height of around 18mm, while OEM profile keycaps have a height of around 21mm.

This difference in height can affect the typing experience and may be a factor in choosing between the two profiles.

As for availability, it’s true that Cherry profile keycaps can be harder to find than OEM profile keycaps when searching for custom keycaps. This may be due to the fact that OEM profile keycaps are more widely used in pre-built keyboards, while Cherry profile keycaps are more commonly used in custom mechanical keyboards.

What are OEM Profile Keycaps?

OEM profile Keycaps keyboard

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Profile keycaps refer to a specific type of keycap design used on computer keyboards. These keycaps are designed to be compatible with the majority of standard mechanical keyboard switches and have a relatively simple shape that is slightly curved and spherical.

OEM Profile keycaps are typically slightly taller than the more commonly used Cherry MX profile keycaps, which results in a more substantial feel when typing. The keys are sculpted in such a way that they are comfortable to use, and the smooth surface of the keycaps makes typing feel effortless.

The keycap stem used in OEM Profile keycaps is generally the same as Cherry MX profile keycaps, so they can be interchanged with each other on most keyboards.

Overall, OEM Profile keycaps are a popular choice among many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts due to their comfortable shape, compatibility with a wide range of switches, and ease of customization.

Are OEM keycaps good?

In terms of quality, OEM keycaps can be just as good as other types of keycaps if they are made with high-quality materials and have good manufacturing standards.

They are designed to be compatible with most standard mechanical keyboard switches, so they can be a reliable option.

And if we talk about aesthetics, OEM keycaps have a relatively simple design compared to other keycap profiles. Some people may find this design to be less visually appealing than other keycap profiles, while others may prefer the simple and understated look of OEM keycaps.

Overall, OEM keycaps can be a good choice for those who prefer a simple design and want a keycap profile that is compatible with most standard mechanical keyboard switches.

However, those who prioritize aesthetics or are looking for a more unique or specialized typing experience may prefer other types of keycaps.

Pros of OEM Keycaps

  • Compatibility: OEM keycaps are designed to be compatible with most standard mechanical keyboard switches, making them a reliable option.
  • Comfort: OEM keycaps have a relatively simple and curved design, which can be comfortable to use for extended periods of typing.
  • Availability: OEM keycaps are widely available from a variety of manufacturers, making them an easy and accessible option for keyboard enthusiasts.
  • Cost: OEM keycaps are often more affordable than other types of keycaps, making them a budget-friendly choice.

Cons of OEM Keycaps

  • Limited customization: The simple design of OEM keycaps may not be as visually appealing as other keycap profiles, and there are fewer options for customization.
  • Quality: The quality of OEM keycaps can vary depending on the manufacturer, so it is important to research and choose high-quality options.
  • Height: The height of OEM keycaps may not be comfortable for all users, particularly those with larger hands or who prefer a lower profile typing experience.

Is OEM keycaps good for gaming?

OEM keycaps can be good for gaming, as they are designed to be compatible with most standard mechanical keyboard switches, including those commonly used for gaming keyboards.

And also, the simple and curved design of OEM keycaps can be comfortable to use for extended periods of gaming.

As for gaming and typing OEM keycaps Design is best choice because, keycaps with a lower profile or a more textured surface for better grip and tactile feedback while you are gaming and typing.

Are OEM parts better quality?

The quality of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts can vary depending on the specific manufacturer and the intended use case.  

Actually, OEM parts are higher quality and Reliable than aftermarket or specialized parts. This is because OEM parts are designed to meet the specific requirements and standards set by the manufacturer for their products.

Additionally, OEM parts are often produced on a larger scale and undergo more rigorous testing and quality control processes than aftermarket or specialized parts.

Which is Better Cherry VS OEM Profile?

Cherry Vs OEM Keycaps Which Is Better

When it comes to mechanical keyboard keycaps, the Cherry profile and OEM profile are two of the most popular options. The Cherry profile features a sculpted design for a comfortable typing experience and is known for its compatibility and durability.

On the other hand, the OEM profile has a cylindrical design, making it versatile for non-standard keyboard layouts and budget-friendly options.

Choosing between Cherry and OEM profiles depends on personal preferences and needs. And here is my opinion about them that,  If comfort and durability are a priority, and you have a standard keyboard layout, then Cherry keycaps may be the better choice.

If you need a versatile and affordable option, or have a non-standard keyboard layout, then OEM keycaps are the way to go.

Don’t forget to Watch the Video Review about Cherry vs OEM keycaps.

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What keycaps last the longest? Cherry or OEM?

Both Cherry and OEM keycaps can last a long time with proper care and usage. However, Cherry keycaps are generally considered to be more durable and have a longer lifespan due to their thicker walls and more robust construction.

Keep in mind that, the lifespan of your keycaps will depend on factors such as usage frequency, typing style, and maintenance.

Are Cherry and OEM the same?

No, Cherry and OEM are different keycap profiles. Cherry keycaps have a lower profile and a slightly curved shape, while OEM keycaps have a taller profile and a more cylindrical shape.

Additionally, Cherry keycaps have a stem that is slightly narrower than OEM keycaps, which can affect their compatibility with different mechanical keyboard switches.

It’s important to note that there are many other keycap profiles available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics and compatibility requirements.

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In this article we share with you our opinion about them, both Cherry and OEM keycaps are popular options for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

While Cherry keycaps are known for their comfort and durability, OEM keycaps are versatile and affordable.

And finally, the choice between the two profiles comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the user.