How to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless? Ultimate Guide

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Today we are Providing step by step Guide with a full Procedure to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless. Are you tired of the clutter of wires on your desk? Do you wish your keyboard was more portable and easy to use? Well, the good news is that you can turn your wired keyboard into a wireless one in just a few simple steps.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of making a wired keyboard wireless, including the tools you’ll need, the steps to follow, and some tips to ensure a successful conversion.

Whether you’re a gamer, a programmer, or just someone who wants a cleaner workspace, converting your wired keyboard to wireless is a great way to enhance your productivity and reduce cable clutter.

So, let’s get started and transform your keyboard into a wireless wonder!

Why do You want to Make Wire Keyboard Wireless?

Converting your wired keyboard to wireless can provide you with more flexibility, comfort, and productivity, making it a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their keyboard setup.

There are several reasons why someone might want to make their wired keyboard wireless. Here are some of the main benefits:

1.      Increased portability:

A wireless keyboard can be used with multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This makes it ideal for people who are always on the go and need to work from different locations.

2.      Reduced cable clutter:

Wires can be unsightly and take up valuable desk space. By making your keyboard wireless, you can eliminate the need for cables and enjoy a cleaner workspace.

3.      Improved ergonomics:

A wireless keyboard allows you to position it in a way that is comfortable for you, without having to worry about the length of the cable.

4.      Enhanced productivity:

With a wireless keyboard, you can type from a distance, which can be useful for presentations or when working with multiple monitors. Additionally, some wireless keyboards have built-in shortcut keys that can help you work faster and more efficiently.

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What are the advantages of a wireless keyboard?

Wireless keyboards offer greater flexibility, portability, and convenience than wired keyboards, making them a popular choice for many users.

Wireless keyboards offer a number of advantages over their wired counterparts. Here are some of the key benefits:

1.      Portability:

Wireless keyboards are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around with you. This is particularly useful if you frequently work on the go, or if you have limited desk space.

2.      No tangled wires:

One of the biggest advantages of wireless keyboards is that they eliminate the need for cords and cables. This means you won’t have to worry about tangled wires or tripping hazards, and you can keep your workspace clutter-free.

3.      Greater flexibility:

With a wireless keyboard, you can work from a comfortable distance, without being tethered to your computer. This can be particularly useful if you’re giving a presentation or if you need to move around your workspace.

4.      Easy setup:

Wireless keyboards are typically very easy to set up. They usually come with a USB receiver that you simply plug into your computer, and then you’re ready to go.

5.      Aesthetics:

 Wireless keyboards can be sleek and modern, adding a touch of style to your workspace.

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Can You Make a Wired USB Keyboard Wireless?

How to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless?

Yes, it is possible to make a wired USB keyboard wireless. But it needs some Technical Knowledge and Soldering Experience, so you can desolder Wire and Solder Bluetooth or a wireless Dongle to Work it wirelessly.   

In this Article Below we will share with you a practical Guide to doing it. There are a few ways to achieve this, including:

With USB Wireless Adapter:

You can purchase a USB wireless adapter, also known as a dongle, that plugs into your computer’s USB port. The adapter communicates with the keyboard wirelessly, allowing you to use your wired keyboard as a wireless keyboard.

Using Bluetooth Adapter:

If your computer has a built-in Bluetooth adapter, you can use it to connect your wired keyboard wirelessly. You’ll need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter that can be plugged into your keyboard’s USB port to enable wireless connectivity.

Keyboard Conversion Kit:

Another option is to use a keyboard conversion kit, which includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter connects to your keyboard’s USB port, and the receiver plugs into your computer’s USB port. The transmitter sends the keyboard’s input signals wirelessly to the receiver, allowing you to use your wired keyboard as a wireless keyboard.

However, it’s important to note that not all keyboards are compatible with these methods, and the process may require some technical expertise.

And also, wireless connectivity can sometimes introduce latency or interference, which can affect the keyboard’s performance. If you require a reliable, low-latency keyboard, a wired keyboard may still be the best option for you.

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Can you convert USB Keyboard to Bluetooth?

Yes, you can convert a USB keyboard to Bluetooth. There are several ways to do this, including using a Bluetooth adapter or a Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller board.

One option is to use a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the USB port of your keyboard. This adapter will then connect to your computer or another device via Bluetooth, allowing you to use your keyboard wirelessly. There are many different types of Bluetooth adapters available, so be sure to choose one that is compatible with your keyboard and operating system.

Another option is to use a Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller board, such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, to create a custom wireless keyboard. This involves some more advanced programming skills, but it can be a fun and rewarding project for those who are interested in electronics.

Regardless of which method you choose, it’s important to ensure that your keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth and that you have the necessary tools and skills to complete the conversion process.

With the right equipment and some know-how, you can easily turn your USB keyboard into a Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy the benefits of a wireless keyboard.

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How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless With Bluetooth?

Sure, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a wired keyboard wireless:

Materials Needed:

  • Wired keyboard
  • Battery pack (with enough voltage to power your keyboard)
  • Bluetooth adapter (compatible with your computer)
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Wire strippers
  • Screwdriver
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Steps By Step Guide to Make a wired Keyboard Warless,

  • First of all, I tell you that I am Using Bluetooth Adapter V 4.0 for This tutorial. As i show you in Pic.
1 Bluetooth adapter
  • Next, disassemble this Bluetooth Adapter so we can use it on our keyboard. Remove the USB Adapter side, and another side too so we can easily solder wires to it.
  • Now Go to the procedure. Next thing is that, Remove the casing of the keyboard to expose the circuit board inside. This will likely require unscrewing several screws and gently prying the casing apart. Be careful not to damage any of the internal components.
  • It’s time to use a Battery that will give your keyboard power so you can use it wirelessly. Here I am using a Smart power bank battery.
Battery for keyboard backup
  • Remove the case of this power bank and all the charging points, because we use separate Charging to charge this battery later into our keyboard.
disassemble battery so you can use it with in keyboard
  • Identify the power source on the circuit board. This will typically be a pair of wires that connect to a power input, such as a USB port.
  • Cut the wires connecting the keyboard to the USB port. You will replace these with the battery pack.
  • Strip the ends of the wires connecting the keyboard to the USB port, as well as the wires from the battery pack.
Now connect USB chip to charger for charge keyboard battery
  • Solder the wires from the battery pack to the same points on the circuit board where you removed the wires from the USB port. Make sure to connect the positive and negative wires correctly.
Now connect it with keyboard PCB
  • Now Connect This Cricut wire to the keyboard PCB.
  • Test the keyboard by pressing some keys. If it powers on and works normally, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Attach the Bluetooth adapter to your computer. You may need to install drivers or software for the adapter to work correctly.

If you are not Understanding don’t worry Below I the Attached video so you can follow the Procedure.

  • Turn on your keyboard and put it into pairing mode. This will likely involve pressing a button or key combination on the keyboard.
  • Pair the keyboard with your computer using the Bluetooth adapter. Follow the instructions for your specific adapter to do this.
  • Test the keyboard again by typing some text or pressing some keys. It should now work wirelessly.
  • (Optional) If you want to make the modifications more secure, you can use hot glue or another adhesive to hold the wires in place and prevent them from accidentally disconnecting.

This is a technical procedure, be careful when you are following the tutorial. You should now have a wired keyboard that works wirelessly. Just make sure to keep the battery pack charged and to pair the keyboard with your computer before using it.

Don’t forget to watch this video For a better Understanding procedure.

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What are the problems in making a USB Keyboard wireless?

According to my experience, converting a USB keyboard to a wireless keyboard can be a challenging and technically complex project that requires a good deal of practical knowledge and experience. It’s important to carefully consider the potential challenges and limitations before attempting to make the conversion.

There are several challenges that can arise when attempting to make a USB keyboard wireless:

Power consumption:

A wired USB keyboard typically receives power from the USB port it’s connected to, while a wireless keyboard requires a separate power source, such as batteries or a rechargeable battery pack. This means that the wireless keyboard must be designed to consume as little power as possible, otherwise, the batteries will need to be replaced frequently.


 In order to function as a wireless device, the keyboard must be able to communicate wirelessly with the computer or other device it’s paired with. This requires the addition of a wireless transmitter and receiver, which must be compatible with the keyboard’s existing hardware and software.


A wired USB connection typically provides faster response times than a wireless connection. This means that a wireless keyboard may be less responsive, especially if the wireless connection is weak or the transmitter and receiver are not properly synchronized.


The keyboard’s existing firmware and drivers may not be designed to support wireless connectivity. This means that new firmware and drivers may need to be developed in order to make the keyboard work wirelessly.

Physical modifications:

To make a USB keyboard wireless, physical modifications may need to be made to the keyboard, such as removing the USB cable and replacing it with a wireless transmitter. This requires soldering and desoldering skills and experience, as well as the proper tools and equipment.

Can you turn your wireless keyboard back into a wired one too?

It is possible to convert a wireless keyboard back into a wired one, but it may depend on the specific keyboard model and its design.

If the keyboard has a detachable USB cable, then it’s simply a matter of reconnecting the cable to restore the wired connection. However, if the keyboard was modified to remove the USB cable for the wireless conversion, then additional steps would be required to restore the wired connection.

One approach could be to open up the keyboard and locate the connection points where the USB cable was originally attached. Then, new wires can be soldered in place to restore the connection. However, this would require some technical skills and experience in soldering and electronics.

It’s worth noting that restoring the keyboard to its original wired state may not be practical or cost-effective, especially if significant modifications were made to convert it to wireless. In some cases, it may be more practical to simply purchase a new wired keyboard instead.


Converting a wired keyboard to a wireless can be a useful solution for those who want the convenience of a wireless keyboard without having to purchase a new one. However, it does require some technical knowledge and skills, including soldering and an understanding of circuit boards.

Also, the process may require additional components, such as a battery pack and a Bluetooth adapter. Despite these potential challenges, following the steps outlined in the guide can result in a successful conversion and a fully functional wireless keyboard.

It is important to note that this process should be approached with caution and care, to avoid damaging any internal components and to ensure safety.

Hope you love this Procedure. Thanks for Reading. Don’t forget to share it.


Is it difficult to convert a wired keyboard to wireless?

Converting a wired keyboard to a wireless can be a moderately difficult task that requires technical knowledge and skills, such as soldering and circuit board understanding.

What tools and materials are needed to convert a wired keyboard to wireless?

The tools and materials needed to convert a wired keyboard to wireless include a battery pack, a Bluetooth adapter, a soldering iron, wire strippers, a screwdriver, and hot glue (optional).