Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

If You Are Interesting To Buy A Laptop And Now Confused Which Model In Right Or Best For You Then Doesn’t Worry. Here Our Team Will Show You The Right Way To Choose The Best Laptop According To Your Requirement. No Matter What Is The Price Or Category Or Which Laptop Do You Went To Buy There Are Lots Of Products And Different Categories According To Customer Requirement. So When People Ask About Which Laptop Is Best? Here Is The Correct Answer. Our Team Provides The List Of Best Laptops So You Can Pick Easily According To Your Hardware And Software Requirement.
Before We Start To Tell You The Best Laptop List We Went To Tell You One Thing. Blow Are Given Different Categories And The Major Thing Which Is According To Your Requirement. We Sort The Categories According To The Software And Hardware Of Different Laptops. You Can Choose One Of The Best Category And Then Easily You Pick Your Favorites And Your Require Device.

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1: Laptops With Best OS:

In The Market, There Are Different Operating System According To The Hardware Of Devices. The First Thing Comes To Mind With Your Laptop Is Operating. Means That Which Operating Is The Best For Your Laptop. Here We Show You The Top Operating Systems. The Best Operating Is Microsoft’s Windows And 80 % Personal Computers And Laptops Comes With Microsoft’s Windows Operating. Then The Second One Is The MacOS. All The Apples Devices Laptops Come With Apple OS (macOS).  And Also Google Introduced Their Own OS Which Is Chrome OS The These Chrome OS Are Affordable Laptops. In These OS There Are Lots Of Difference Which Are Gives Below.

Windows Laptop:

windows laptop Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

There Are Different Companies Which Manufactures Hardware’s Devices And The Windows 10 OS Is The Famous OS For Personal Computer And Laptops. Normally Pcs And Laptop Come With Windows OS And Windows OS  Is Open-End Then Other OS. Microsoft Give Time To Time Different Updates To The Windows OS User. And Many Users Use Windows Devices. That Is Why Windows Laptops Are The Best Laptop With Easy To Use User Interface With Touch Screen And Flexible Keyboard. Windows OS Is Very Common OS And Mostly Gamers And Office User Use The Windows OS. Because The Microsoft Product Office Is Very Famous For Windows. Whether you opt for a major manufacturer like Lenovo, or Dell, or one of Microsoft’s own devices, you have a ton of options with Windows laptops.

Mac OS Laptop:

Mac os Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

macOS Is A Series Of Graphical User Interface (GUI) Operating Systems Developed And Marketed By Apple Inc. Since 2001. This Is The Major And Primary Software (OS) For The Mac Series Devices. The Laptops Comes With Mac OS Are Built To Look And Feel Stylish. This Spreads To Apple’s Operating System, macOS, Which Is Upfront And Instinctive. Mostly User Use Mac OS Because It Comes With Apple Devices.

Chrome OS:

chrome os Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

Chrome OS Is A Linux Kernel-Based Operating System (Chrome OS)) Designed By Google. In The Chrome OS, Free Software Chromium OS And Uses The Google Chrome Web Browser As Its Main User Interface (UI). Chrome OS Mainly Supports Web Applications. So Chrome OS  Is An Open Source Operating System Which Is Mostly Use For Web Applications. Chrome OS Is Only Available Pre-Installed On Devices By Google Manufacturing Partners, But There Is Another Way That Allows It To Be Installed In Other Devices.

2.Laptop For Your Requirement (Usage):

There Are Many Laptops Available In The Market Which Is Different In Price, Size, Specification, And Other Properties? So You Should Keep In Mind Your Requirement According To Your Usage. Everyone Went To Buy Laptop According To Their Usage. Some One Went To Buy Laptop For Gaming And Other One Went To Buy For Office Use. So Before Buying Laptop, You Should Clear In Mind That What Is Your Use And Then Go Ahead For Buy Laptop.

Business laptops:

Business laptop. Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

Business laptops are a very cool design and these laptops are smart and thin because businessmen can carry these laptops with a small bag. If we talk about the battery life of these laptops it comes with long-life buttery. Owing to greater stress on security and privacy. These laptops have a Secure Operating system so That The Data of the user keeps in Safe and Secure form theft. The business laptop comes with a fingerprint sensor that protects The device of User.
Business laptops are very expensive because of the Best design and have lots of built-in features. But These laptops are professional and Secure With Great Security patch with the and professionally-orientated software packages.

Gaming laptops:

Gaming laptop Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

So Many Peoples Went To Play Games Then There Are Specific Laptops For Gamers. The Gaming Laptops Comes With Best Hardware And Full HD Screen Display With Correct Colors that Graphics keep batter. Many games need soft keys on the keyboard So they play games on laptops with happily. Best gaming laptops come with RGB led On the keyboard which gives a greater look to the laptop.

Storage Capacity Of Gaming Laptops Is Much Greater than The Other Laptops Because Games Are Heavy And Common Games Are Round About 50+ GB That Is Why Gaming Laptops Have Huge Storage Capacity. These Laptops Have Fast Processor With Good RAM And The Major Necessary Of Gamer Is Graphics Card. Gaming Laptops Have Good Graphic Card Which Gives High Color And Ultra HD Graphics To The Games.
Gaming Laptops Have A Good Hardware  So We Can’t Believe That Gaming Laptops Have A Good Buttery Life. These Laptops Are Thick And Heavy In Weight And Have Big Screen Normally 13+Inches So These Laptops Are More Difficult To Carry With You When You Are Traveling.

3. Laptop Size:

When you are ready to buy a laptop then keep in mind that size matters in a laptop. Every laptop comes with different sizes and capacities. So you should clear it After buying a laptop you never change the size of the laptop I mean that RAM and ROM Are easy to Change But the size of the laptop never changes.

There are different sizes of laptops and the market According to the customer's requirements. The Starting size of the laptop is 11.6 Inch. These laptops are smart and easy to carry any ware during traveling. And if we talk about the end size of laptops. The end size of laptops is 17.7 inches. These laptops are So Big and not easy to carry during traveling.

Most customers choose the smartest laptop starting from 11 inches These laptops are windows laptops and they are lightweight so you can carry any ware easily. world-famous brands like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and ASUS Design good look best laptops.

4. Two-in-one (Tab+laptop)

two in one laptop. Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

Many laptops come with a touch screen and Its able to rotate (360 Degree) the screen and you can use your laptop as a tablet and you can set your laptop as a tent mode easily. The uniqueness of their structure can accompany some outstanding disadvantages, for example, weight (particularly from the metal depends on the console) and cost.

Convertible laptops are often more luxurious than clamshell laptops with comparable hardware. Convertibles can give a great deal of flexibility, nonetheless, they are not really the best gadgets accessible. Convertible PCs are frequently more costly than clamshell workstations with practically identical equipment.
When you are going to buy a 2-in-1 laptop keep one thing in mind that some laptops are more batter than tablet modes. I mean their laptop mode is battered than the tablet mode. And some laptop’s tablet mode is battered than the laptop mode. So it depends on you which do you went to buy.

5. Price Range:

best price range.Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

In These Days There Are Cheapest And More Luxury Laptops Are Available In The Market You Can Buy Easily Batter Performance, Best Screen Colors, And Screen Size, With Extra Space (Storage) With Powerful Buttery Life  Any Laptop Depending Upon You Budget Or Price Range.

Less Than 250$:

This Price Range You Can Buy Windows Laptop In Used Form Which Is Very Cheapest Price. In Your Market, You Can Find Low-End Windows Systems With Low Processor And Minimum Space Laptop In Cheapest Price Range. You Can Find Least- Luxurious Notebooks Are Either Chromebooks, Which Run Google's Browser-Centric OS.

Round About 500$:

Well! You Can Find Best Device Under 500$ With 5th Generation Processor Which Gives You Greater Speed And Accuracy With  8 Gb Of RAM Which Gives More Speed To Your Laptop And Storage Will Be Near To 500 GB. One Thing In This Price Range You Will Not Get SSD Drive-In This Price Range.

500$ To 750$:

This Price Range You Will Get Good Premium Design Laptop. Manufactures Added More Features, Big Storage And Batter Speed Processor With Best RAM As You Climb To The Price Range. Check Out  Best laptop under 600

Near 1000$:

This Value Run, Expect Note Pads That Are More Portable, More Dominant Or Both. Expect Higher-Goals Screens, Quicker Processors And Conceivably Discrete Illustrations. The Lightest, Longest-Enduring Ultraportable, Similar To The Apple MacBook Air And The Dell XPS 13, Will In General Cost More Than $1,000 (Despite The Fact That You Can Get The Dell For Less On The Off Chance That You Don't Decide On A Touch Screen). Top Of The Line Gaming Frameworks And Portable Workstations Typically Cost Upwards Of $1,500 Or Even As Much As $2,500 Or $3,000.

6. Hardware:

hardware. Laptop Buyer Guide. How To Buy Laptop?

Speed of the laptop depending on the hard wares. If you buy a laptop with good hardware, then it gives you smooth usage. So, its all depend on hardware. Before buying a laptop, you should check which hardware is suitable for your usage. Below are the Brief explain of hardware which is common and then you can easily decide your best laptop with good hardware.


There are different processors available in the market. Which are different with speed and clock speed ( processor clock speed are measured In GHz. Normally the processor starts from 1.0GHZ to 3.9 GHz).

And the second thing is the processor Generation. The processor has a different generation like 3rd generation 5th generation processor and so on. Now the latest generation of the processor is the 9th generation. 9th generation processor is costly but if you buy a laptop with 9th generation processor than it gives you excellent performance with multitasking.

So you get that when you buy processor you keep in mind that which generation does you went to buy processor and your usage speed. If you went to do multitasking or to do huge work on the laptop then you choose the latest generation processor.


RAM Is (Random Access Memory ) Primary Storage. When You Load Any Thing In Your Laptop Its 1st Load Into The Ram And Then Go To Processor For Further Processing. If Your Laptop Have Good Speed High Capacity RAM Than Your Laptop’s Processing Speed Definitely Will High
As I Show You Above That Processor Have Different Generations And Clock Speed Same The RAM Have Also DATA RATE Speed. The Speed Of The Ram Count In DATA RATE Speed. There Are Different RAM Available In Market With DATA RATE Speed Like DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, And DDR4. DDR Stand For Double Data Rate.
When You Decided To Buy Laptop You Should Buy With DDR 4 RAM Because it Gives You Grate Performance And  Laptop’s Speed Increase.  You Can Run High Quality (Heavy) Software And Games Using Best RAM.

Hard Desk Drive (Storage):

Everyone went to buy a laptop with huge storage because your laptop has more storage then you can store more data into your laptop. So there are different hard drives in the market. Major 4 types of hard drives (Parallel ATA, Serial ATA, SCSI Solid‑state drive Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA), Serial ATA (SATA), Small Computer System Interface (SCSI), Solid State Drives (SSD). In the laptops SSD hard drives use. If you buy laptop its use SSD and the speed of the SSD is higher then the other hard drives.

Screen Size:

Laptops are available in different screen size and screen resolution in the below table you can choose easily the screen size and resolution of the laptop.

Table 1. Source.
screen resolutions (in pixels)
possible LCD sizes (diagonal)
viewable megapixels
800×600 (svga – standard)
1024×768 (xga – standard)
12″, 13.3″, 14″, 15″
1280×800 (wxga – wide)
15.4″, 14.1″, 13.3, 12.1″
1440×900 (wxga+ – wide)
1280×1024 (sxga – standard)
14″, 15″, 15.7″
1400×1050 (sxga+ – standard)
12.1″, 14″, 15″
1680×1050 (wsxga+ – wide)
1600×1200 (uxga – standard)
14″, 15″, 16″
1920×1200 (wuxga – wide)
17″, 15.4″