Where Is Insert Key On computer Keyboards | Full Guide 3 Methods

This article guides you through the process of finding where your insert key is located in your computer keyboard. With some patience and a little research, you’ll be able to locate your insert key and replace it with your favorite shortcut!

The keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer as it helps you input text on your device. It can be tricky to find out where some keys are located on a computer, but rest assured that they’re there!

What is a function of the insert Key?

The insert key is a button on your computer keyboard. If you are typing on any ware and you went to override the typing on your current line or paragraph, once you press it, this will start overriding. 

If you have a computer, there is likely an insert key on the keyboard. This key is used to type on already written words. It will override typing on your paragraph or line.

Keyboard Shourtcut for Insert Key is

  • ALT+Insert
  • CTRL+Insert

Basically Insert key is located near Backspace, rightside of keyboard or on 0 button of Numaric pad side of keyboard.

On Some keyboards insert key comes with FN key. so located the insert key And Use it wit FN key

Where is Insert key on a computer keyboard?
Where Is The Insert Key On computer Keyboards 3 Methods

Where is Insert key on a computer keyboard?

Let’s Find the Insert key!

If you have a computer with a keyboard that has an insert key, you may be wondering where the insert key is located.

The insert key is the key that is in between the delete and backspace keys on most computer keyboards. On Some keyboards insert key is located on the right side of the keyboard in a computer or laptop. It’s typically used to insert a page in the 0 button on Numeric side of keyboard.

  • Near Backspace
  • On Zero button on Numeric side of keyboard
  • With Fn Key
  • No Insert Key

1. Near Backspace

One of the Easiest ways to find the insert key is that The “insert key” on keyboards is usually located near the backspace key.

2. On Zero button on Numeric side of keyboard

The insert key is located on the zero button on keyboards that have a numeric side. Many laptop and desktop keyboards have the insert key at this location.

3. With Fn Key

The insert key (or “insert” key) is located on keyboards in a variety of places. In some cases, it is adjacent to the “delete” key which can be used with Fn key.

In other cases, it may be located in a different area of the keyboard. The location of the insert key may depend on the model of keyboard and the operating system that you are using. You can find by FN button and the Insert key is used with combination with insert button.

4. What if No Insert key

There is no Insert key on keyboards!

Many people are puzzled by this statement, as they believe that it must be there somewhere. After all, the key has to do something, right? Wrong. The Insert key does not exist on a keyboard because it has been replaced by the Zero key.

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Finding Insert Key on Different Keyboards?

There is no one answer to this question since the insert key location can vary depending on the keyboard model and type of keyboard. However, we’ll outline some common methods for finding the insert key on different keyboards that we mention above.

Where is the Insert key on the keyboard?

 The Insert key is on the Right side of most keyboards, next to the “Delete” key. To insert text, press and hold the “Insert” key while pressing the desired letter or number.

Where is the Insert key on Apple keyboards?

If you are using apple laptop or Desktop and you have troubling to find insert key. Then its very easy to find. On apple keyboard Insert key is located with Fn Key. You can use Fn + Enter for Insert key.

Where is the Insert key on a PC computer keyboard?

Basically on PC keyboard insert key is located on Their place. First place of insert key on PC keyboard is on right side, Near Backspace. You can directly use it. If you can’t Find Insert key Near backspace. Then you its located on Zero (0) Key on numeric pad.

If there is Still no Insert key on 0 key on numeric side, look its may be use with Fn key combination.

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Where is the Insert key on a Google Chromebook?

If you’re using a Google Chromebook, you might be wondering where the Insert key is. On a Chromebook keyboard use the Search +  . (period key) for insert key.

Where is the inset key on smaller keyboards?

If you are using a smaller keyboard, the Inset Key may be located in a different location. Many times this key is located with Fn button. on mostly smaller keyboards You can use Fn+F12 Button to insert key.  

Where is the Insert Key on an HP Computer?

If you are having trouble locating the “insert” key on your keyboard, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that you have identified the correct keyboard layout for your computer.

Next, check to see if the “insert” key is located at the Zero button on the Right side of your keyboard.  

What keyboard shortcuts use the Ins key?

Basically, there are different combinations of insert key on different keyboards. To insert key on keyboard you can use.

  • FN+f12
  • User Insert button Near Backspace
  • Use Delete button on mostly keyboard


If you’re ever struggling to find the insert key on your keyboard, don’t worry! Here are a few tips that should help you out. First, be sure to look at the row of keys in front of you.

The insert key is usually located in one On Right side of keyboard Near backspace. If that doesn’t work, try looking for a key with a small symbol next to it. Finally, if all else fails, you can find insert key with the combination of Fn key.

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