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Do you ever find yourself wondering why keyboards have two sets of numbers – one above the other? The answer is actually quite simple.

keyboards originally had one set of numbers on them, but as typewriters began to decline in popularity, people started using keyboards for computer input purposes.

So, in order to accommodate both types of users, keyboards were redesigned with two sets of numbers.

Keyboards come with a set of numbers on the top row and a different set on the bottom row. The top row is for numbers 1-9, and the bottom row is for numbers 0-9.

Why do keyboards have two sets of numbers?

Why Do Keyboards Have Two Sets Of Numbers

Computers have two sets of numbers because they evolved from calculators. Before computers could store data in memory, they had to keep track of their calculations using a set of numbers called digits.

The leftmost digit (the least significant) represented the size of the number, while the rightmost digit (the most significant) represented how many numbers were following it.

One of the major reasons of design a keyboard with two number pads is that it increases productivity. When you are typing and writing a paper or any book, sometimes you need to type Numbers. Then the left side, above the number line can help you in increasing the speed.

And on the other hand, if you are doing a job in a bank or any other counting place, then the right side of the number pad can help you with fast calculation and Quick Entering the numbers.

Why do some keys appear twice on the keyboard?

Keyboards are designed with two sets of numbers to make it easier for people who are left-handed. If a person is left-handed, they will typically use their right hand to hold the keyboard and type with their left hand. This means that the numbers on the keyboard will be in a different place than if someone is right-handed.

But don’t forget that all the major keys like a-z and Fn keys are the same, but the only reason for appearing keys twice on the keyboard is that it can help use in fast typing.

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Why do keyboards have number pads?

keyboards typically have a number pad on the right side to make it easy to input numbers. This is because most people use their right hand more for numbers than for letters.

Mostly its helps in typing quick Numbers, if you are working and bank for finance department. The Right side number pad of your keyboard can helps you in Quick and increase the typing.

And keyboards are usually designed for one language and one country, so the keyboard layout might not be ideal for another language or country.

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Why is the 0 after the 9 on a keyboard?

The 0 after the 9 on a keyboard is positioned there for convenience and efficiency when typing. The keys on a keyboard are arranged in a standard layout known as the QWERTY layout.

The QWERTY layout was designed to reduce the likelihood of jamming on mechanical typewriters by placing commonly used letter combinations far apart from each other on the keyboard.

The 0 is placed after the 9 on the keyboard because it is often used in conjunction with numeric digits. By placing the 0 next to the 9, it is easier and more efficient for people to type numbers quickly.

And the 0 is often used as a placeholder in numbers, such as in phone numbers, zip codes, and other forms of identification, so it makes sense to have it close to the other numeric digits.

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How many sets of number keys does a keyboard have?

How many sets of number keys does a keyboard have?

A standard keyboard typically has Two sets of number keys, One is usually located on the right side of the keyboard and the Other is left side on the Second top row.

The number keys on a keyboard are also known as the numeric keypad or the number pad. The numeric keypad is a separate block of keys that is designed specifically for entering numeric data, such as numbers and mathematical symbols. It is often used for tasks such as entering financial data, writing code or performing calculations.

The numeric keypad on a keyboard typically contains the keys 0 through 9, as well as arithmetic operators such as the plus sign (+), the minus sign (-), the asterisk (*), and the forward-slash (/). Some keyboards may also include a decimal point (.) and other special keys, such as the equal sign (=) and the Enter key.

The numeric keypad is usually laid out in a grid pattern, similar to a calculator, with the keys arranged in a 3×3 grid for the digits 1 through 9, and the 0 key placed below the other keys.

What is the QWERTY design of the Keyboard?

On a standard keyboard are arranged in a layout called the QWERTY layout, which was designed in the 1870s by Christopher Latham Sholes, the inventor of the first practical typewriter. The QWERTY layout is named after the first six letters of the top row of keys on the keyboard.

The keys on a QWERTY keyboard are arranged in a way that was intended to reduce the likelihood of jamming on mechanical typewriters.

The keys are arranged in rows, with the top row containing the keys Q, W, E, R, T, and Y, and the middle row containing the keys A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, and L, and the bottom row containing the keys Z, X, C, V, B, N, M, and other special keys and symbols.

The numeric keys are typically located in a separate numeric keypad to the right of the main keyboard, or as a secondary function of the letters on the top row of the keyboard.


Basically, a Standard Keyboard comes with two sets of numbers, one is on the right side of the keyboard (Which is called Num Pad) and another one is on the left side, on top of the alphabetic keys. The keyboard on your computer is set up with a number keypad in order to make typing easier.

However, some people find it more comfortable to use the numeric keypad on their phones or other devices. Why do keyboards have two sets of numbers? The first set of numbers is for the regular keyboard, while the second set is for the numeric keypad.


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